Car certificate of conformity

Does anybody has any opinion on the online providers of CoC other than the manufacturer? Any problems? any Cons?
thank you

I got done with a CoC for my Landy, paid the money, nothing ever arrived. Always best going to the manufacturers IMO.

Thanks for answer, from whom?

From the manufacturers of the vehicle. If they are no longer in business you’re stuffed.

Thanks I was asking who was the rip off merchant, The car I am going to need a certificate of conformity for is a Smart so it should not be a problem but they are very slow and difficult to contact so far.

I can’t quite remember, something like

Thank you all, It does not look good for the Coc companies
 other than the manufacturers We will go with that

COCs must come from the manufacturers or their agents. Third party suppliers can get them but they also buy from the manufacturers, add a percentage & sell to you.
There was a company that used to advertise an “independent” COC. Is was cheap but useless.
Try contacting the manufacturer direct, maybe by phone. Some provide a certificate free of charge (mostly far eastern manufacturers) while some charge a fair old amount.

Thank you MarK I am now totally aware of all that, I just hoped that there was a way around the telephone (I am telephon phobic!) ant the length of waitng that Mercedes iposes
 Now I guess that thred is closed
thanks again.

Hi Dominique,

Check the pack that came with the vehicle. Smart are made by Mercedes and Mercedes include a Certificate of Conformity in the original pack with the vehicle. It used to be a yellow document. If your Smart originated in the UK, contact the Export Department at Mercedes UK Head Office. However, depending upon the age of your car, it might already have European Conformity and be marked as such at ‘K’ Type Approval Number on the second page. If it has Type Approval, there will be a series of letters and numbers indicating Conformity and no CoC will be required.

That’s very true, but

The UK V5 doesn’t always include all the information needed to change registration, normally the type and variant sections. Even if they are there, the new system still requires the CoC, as I found out a few months ago. Similarly for the UK MoT, it was only 2 months old so should have been ok, but still had to get a French CT

Totally agree

At the Prefecture I pointed out (gently) that the K section had all the info
 but the lady was not for turning
 and she insisted on CoC

Fortunately I did find it within mass of paperwork
 but it was an A5 sheet with such tiny print (in a variety of languages including French)
 that the dear lady had to go and find a magnifying glass in order to read the information

I was wrong, Thread not closed; this is really useful info. We have not bought the Smart yet we are looking for one about 10 years old would that have the CoC included?
Sorry about the vowels confusion in my last message.

Have you ever driven one? I had one as a courtesy car once. Once was too much it was horrible.

My husband has, my daughter has one, and I have been in one, so far
so good, I just want a small car with right hand driving I am fed up
about being terrified of the ditches

Just a thought
 do make sure you get the correct lights for France fitted to your car
by whatever means

According to ANTS (Agence Nationale des Titres Securises) you don’t need a C o C to register a car in France if it already registered in another EU country. You only need the C o C if it was registered in a country outside the EU. eg. USA. I am trying to get my UK registered car registered in France. ANTS have asked for a C o C which I can’t provide (varous reasons) Unfortunately there does not appear any way for a private individual to contact ANTS via their website. Any ideas for reminding them of their own regulations?

I think it depends on exactly what info is on the Registration Doc (V5 for UK cars)
Si l’ancien certificat d’immatriculation Ă©tranger ne peut ĂȘtre fourni ou ne comporte pas toutes les informations techniques nĂ©cessaires Ă  l’immatriculation, transmettez au format numĂ©rique le justificatif complĂ©mentaire correspondant Ă  votre situation :

  • Certificat de conformitĂ© europĂ©en dĂ©livrĂ© par le constructeur, Ă©ditĂ© le cas Ă©chĂ©ant dans une autre langue que le français ;

  • Attestation d’identification Ă  un type communautaire ;

  • ProcĂšs verbal de rĂ©ception Ă  titre isolĂ© (RTI) Ă©tabli par une DREAL (Direction RĂ©gionale de l’Environnement et l’AmĂ©nagement et du Logement).

It’s not as simple as, if a car has been registered in the EU it does not need a CoC to be registered in France as not all countries follow the regulations as closely as the French do. One of those countries is the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom it is fairly straightforward to register cars that have been registered in the USA and grey imports from the middle and Far East. These cars are not built to European specifications. The U.K. also allows some written of vehicles to be returned to the road without the scrutiny demanded elsewhere. The French authorities demand a CoC for a reason and that reason is simple, they are keen to ensure that all brand new cars and second hand cars being imported into France meet the standards required.

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The Type Approval information should be on the V5 and if the paperwork is all there, you might be lucky enough to have the CoC as well. You can always ask the vendor. I’ve registered two cars using the Type Approval at the Prefecture, so have been luckier than Stella, but that could all depend upon whom you get to serve you. However, that’s all finished at the Prefecture. I’ve yet to register a UK car using the ANTS site.
Smart owners rate them quite highly on Autotrader. The early models to the UK were left hand drive. Honest John reports are reasonable too. I was going to get one for our daughters to learn in here, but they wanted something larger.
As an aside, I registered two Ifor Williams trailers at the Prefecture. The clerk wanted to see the registration document from the UK. I had to explain that trailers and caravans are not registered and use the towing vehicles registration. Her reply to that was ‘What date do I use for first registration?’ I said, ‘The date it was built, which is on the CoC’. She said, ‘I’m not sure, I’ll ask a colleague’. She came back and said ‘I’m going to use the date that you bought it’. I replied, ‘But you will be making it six years younger than it really is.’ She ignored that and so I had two trailers that are shown first registered as being 2011 instead of 2005!