Card payments via smartphone/tablette

I have already started this discussion on Computer corner but thought I would add it here to canvas some general opinions of the system.

Do any of you that do craft fairs, markets etc take card payments via a smartphone/ Tablet? I am investigating iZettle at the moment. .iZettle costs 2.75% on the transaction but nothing to run no monthly fee .The classic Carte bleu through the bank is too expensive for a very small business like ours. I know there is also SumUp and Payleven. If We go for it I will have to get a compatible tablet and a 3G clé

I could go the smart phone route but as OH and I need to share the system on different markets and foires I believe a tablette would be more flexible for us. We are in the South West so very countrified hence the need for 3G, we do go to markets where there is no electric and sometimes no mobile or wifi connection.

Any one currently using the system? Any thoughts?

I don't know how many other people will know or use this here in France at the moment. It's very new here in France .

I understand from my sister in the Uk it's being used very successfully there . I have asked around with fellow stall holders here but everyone seems amazed as if I am talking of something from outer space They are very happy paying monthly abonements to their bank for the old carte bleu system, which is too pricey for us. In my opinion the French embrace new technology very well but it takes longer to spread in usage. We also only take Paypal for our website but I do loose sales there also as many of the French public haven't even cottoned on to paypal despite many French businesses taking paypal on-line.

Payleven reader finally arrived yesterday. It's been a slog. Here's the latest and I hope final blog about this saga.

The orange Data deal is 4G I believe Gavin/Helen

I am now sending another ton of scanned documents to prove our validity to Payleven; passport drivers licence and proof of business. Small steps.

With regard to SumUp, I'm using it on a Samsung 3G mobile not on their list. I have to have the location setting on before it will work, otherwise it's doing me fine.

Check your settings, it might work.

Good luck


We a rdv with our bank {bank populaire} yesterday and asked about the issue and they have just started doing a similar thing for 99euro for the machine and 2%+tva for each transaction. the only thing was she said they recomend 4G. Otherwise it looks the same as the other bluetooth machines that are out there. Might be worth looking at

Gavin (for Helen)

Update on the card payment system!
Today I had my first card payment client, with my heart jumping for joy I got all the kit out all went well. The client put the card in, she pressed her numbers while I gazed skywards in time honoured style............. The payment failed three time all we got was "erruer inconnu"

Eventually she dug a cheque book out. Phew at least I didn't loose a sale.

I had another client later in the morning who asked if I took cards, yes I said but my machine may be playing up. We tried no one conquered and the client dug out enough small change to make it to the sales price.

Later at home I called iZettle apparently I have a compatibility problem despite all my careful research. How did I achieve this monumental error? Well it's like this the Samsung galaxy tab 3 Lite that iZettle have tested is number 110 and I have an upgraded version 116. Trust me, you couldn't make it up.

So I spend a happy hour and a half searching for a different tablet in the price range of the one I have, reasoning that I can sell the hardly used one I have and buy another that is compatible. Everything that is 3G and compatible cost about 100€ more than my current investment. so I go back and look at SumUp and Payleven again.

So I spend a happy hour and a half searching for a different tablet in the price range of the one I have, reasoning that I can sell the hardly used one I have and buy another that is compatible. Everything that is 3G and compatible cost about 100€ more than my current investment. so I go back and look at SumUp and Payleven again.

SumUp have a list of compatible tablets etc. The one I have is not on the list so I email them , no answer yet, while waiting for an answer I look at the prices of those that are on SumUp's compatible list. Both new and second hand I am in for at least another 100€ outlay.

So to Payleven.

Now Payleven have a very annoying feature which is why I didn't go for them in the 1st place you have to sign in including Siret number etc.from page one of the site. I try to find a list of compatible tablets and smart phones but can't find any. In the bottom corner of their website is a web chat so rather than sign up for Payleven I decide to put my question as to which tablets are compatible in the web-chat box. a moment later someone"Pierre" is answering in better written French than mine. It turns out that Payleven is compatible with systems rather than individual items/tablets. I ask about mine "Pierre " guides me through how to find out which version of Android I am on apparently I am well above what is required 4. something rather than the required 2. something. Hooray. He also confirms that 3G will be fine.

So the outlay for Payleven is more costly, the commission is exactly the same as iZettle 2.75% but I have to purchase the card reader, 79€ plus TVA . Another anomaly I had to pay by Visa card straight Carte Bleu wouldn't do to purchase the card reader. I had to send an email for ID purposes with copies of 2 forms of Id passport , Drivers licence or household bill. Plus Id of the business.

With luck I should have the new system shortly. Fingers crossed Round 2.

Yes I just need a willing guinea pig............ sorry client.

I am out tomorrow but I'm not expecting to get to test it straight away.

Fingers crossed I can work the system. It's the operator that is not as up to date as the system.

I have just read your blog Claire, it sounds as though you are ready for business!

I now have all the kit , tablet iZettle reader 3G card etc. All I need is a client with a card.

Here is part 2 of the blog.

That looks a great stall Anthony. I sell Reconstituted marble statues which my OH and I make together and children's clothes which I make when I'm fed up with marble dust. An odd mix but as they are both artisanal it works. I have started a blog about this experience as it's been a whole learning curve . I have taken great reassurance from Robert's experiences with SumUp . My son tells me I am an early adopter (who knew) in France as it's only just arrived which is probably why not many people reply to this topic.

Here is part 1 of the blog. I have started writing part 2 but I will wait to publish that when the card reader and 3G sim arrive.

Hi Claire, yes I do do a Market Stall called Ant's Guitars, where I sell 2nd hand guitars and amps, and Rock 'n' Rock T-shirts. I have a coffee machine there too (espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White, Hot Choc, etc). Here is my Facebook page. Please feel free anyone to join it / like it (no point unless you are in Touraine, or just want to poke fun at me and patronise me as a lot of the know-it-all, retired oldies on SFN like to).

I am actively looking at a card system and will read your discussion with great interest. I see adverts for it on Facebook the whole time. At the moment I get by as I have a very nice French women who accepts card payments for me and she pays me in blank addressee cheques and cash. It works for now. (I am sure that a ex-banker know-it-all will tell me that that system is 'dangerous' or something). I also do PayPal, but I am not sure that the French know about it.

What do you sell on your market stall Claire?![](upload://hft7JNd81cBIoDs4QfyYFAfSKGJ.JPG) You can see what I sell in this shot.

Kind regards, Anthony.

Thank you for the info. I will look into that and see if it is workable with my current equipment and Sumup

Thanks and good luck!

Because I am not going down the smart-phone route Yvonne I am going to get data only on a dongle/ clé .

The most cost effective would be if I could pay as you go but in France pay as you go has a time limit!! Same as a pay-as-you go phone does. The most cost effective for will be Orange data Sim which will be 35€ for 6 month 3Go.

I am saying 3G but actually Orange's deal is 4G I believe that's faster!

Thanks Claire

I am interested to know Which 3G plan you chose?

Let us know how you get on with iZettle. I will be interested to know.

Useful Info thank you Yvonne. I probably wont bother with the remote payment bit , it was just an idea that if one of the systems did it simply it could swing the choice ,but it's not a deal breaker. I still think iZettle will be the one .i am just waiting for my tablet to arrive and then I will order the card reader and 3G sim.

Hi Claire

I use Sumup for website payments. To use Sumup remotely you need a smartphone with GPS. Your customer needs a phone with internet access. Via the App on your smartphone, you type in the amount to be charged, select mobile phone, type in the mobile phone number of the client. A text message will be sent to the client with a secure link. They click on the link, add their card details, then confirm the payment. You have to keep checking to see if the payment has been received. On receipt you have the option to send a receipt by text message or email. I have not gone down the road of the card reader yet as I have limited mbs with my monthly package and not always good coverage when at faires.

I agree it is something I will have to look into as my business is growing, and the demise of the cheque book.

Please keep us all posted on what you choose and why.

Good luck!

Good grief Gestmag sound too expensive . I will stick to trying iZettle. I will let you all know how it goes.

No it doesn’t take absent payments, I guess for security reasons.

For that you need to contact Gestmag or someone like that. The card readers cost about 800€ and/or a monthly contract.

Like you I spent months looking into the best solution for my business.

Be bold, make a decision and don’t look back.

Does SumUp take payments if the card and person aren't there Robert? For a deposit over the phone for example. It's not something I would use more than twice a year, if that but if they do it might swing my decision iZettle doesn't do that and I can't find it on SumUp's site.

"If the customer is impressed, they’ll come back." 100% agree


My French clients prefer cheques but, for example today, a Dutch customer who hadn’t used cheques for over a decade and didn’t have enough cash to pay my meagre fees. She was very impressed that I could take credit card payment in the middle of nowhere.

If the customer is impressed, they’ll come back.

Keep ahead of the game.

I don’t use my SumUp every day but it’s there when I need it.

Good luck with iZettle, let us know how you get on!