Caring for a parent

I am just reaching out to see if anyone has any advice or experience to share;

I live in the 06 and my parents in the UK, my mother i fear is nearing the end of her life and i am investigating to see if it would be feasible for me to do her end of life care here in France.

I don't know where we stand with any costs for this?

Both my husband and i work as auto-entrepreneurs. I don't suppose there is any way my parents can be covered by our carte-vitales as our dependants?

Any help or emotional support much appreciated, as i am sure all expats can relate to the emotions involved when family 'back home' are unwell and / or elderly.

I would be prepared to talk to you about this as I have some experience with my late wife who arrived in France with what turned out to be terminal cancer. However best privately. If you want to talk you can telephone me. You can find my telephone number in White Pages Dept 29- I am the only person of my name in France.