Carte de Sejour - documents required for application

Mmm… what is the information on your Utility contracts… I know our original ones had our UK address as “destination de facture” with the French address showing as “point of service” sort of thing…

We amended everything on arrival…
worth looking at…

though it might not be crucial… simply that you will have been using Utilities for 3 months… and the French Address being clearly shown… can’t see what’s wrong with that.

The payment side of it does perhaps (direct debit in English terms) but your paper bills are what the requirement is for the dossier. If your bills are sent to you by email (as opposed to snail mail) what address is shown on the bill for you? Your French address will be there as the place where (for example) EDF supply electricity to but the address on the facture may well be your UK address. If it is, you can log in to your account and change it as well as print off the attestation - «d’un justificatif de domicile» from your EDF account.
The consummation aspect (or lack of it) may well require explanation :thinking:


We must not lose sight of the date 31st December 2020… by which time folk are here with the intention of permanency… whilst they might not yet fulfill all the requirements by that date.

So long as the process is ongoing… you are here… and here to stay… with all that that entails… (ie getting things like CV rolling) everything should be ok and you will have until July 2021 to apply for CdS…

thus getting here in September will be fine… :hugs: as has been suggested… keep tickets and whatever you can to prove when you “landed”… :wink: :relaxed: :relaxed:

Her name is Jeanette Leuers and, as far as I know, she hasn’t left the forum but has not posted for the best part of twelve months. She spends a lot of her time in Japan where there is a market for her art work. We have been in touch occasionally. I admire her independence of spirit and simplicity of outlook. She leads a kind of minimally subsistent and hermetic life as an innocent. I think that word best describes her character.

Jeanette is a German citizen and dual national and has no need for a Titre de Sejour in France.


I think that she got accepted for German citizenship, which means that she can stay here.

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I enjoyed reading about her survival projects, her rocket stove was interesting :grinning:


Showing as suspended here…

The Lounge is possibly the best place to discuss individual members… :wink: in my opinion…

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She requested that her membership be suspended.

Thanks for that we feel a bit better about knowing where to start.

When you arrive prepare an attestation sur l’honneur about your date of taking up permanent resident in France. Sign it, scan it and put original in an envelope with your travel tickets and keep it safe.

Further to my enquiries about evidence to prove we will be in France before ghe end of transition we arrived September 3rd. As i have complex care needs the doctor i have seen on holiday with the odd issue was happy to take up my care. He was so efficient he gave me a prescription for a hospital bed with an airflow mattress. Took to the pharmacy and the eqipment delivered am the next day. To organise my own care with the carers at the nursing home.
I am very dependent and after 19 years deliberation decided to stay. Of course we were aware we need to meet costs upfront until our S1 arrives.
What did give me a bit of a suprise when we phoned for our S1 that benefits were being looked at again and " were in flux". Now i thought that had already been decided in the withdrawal agreement.
Have i got this wrong?
I can only hope being on the highest rate of pip with extensive care needs i will be ok.
We came over as fast as we could so our home isn’t even packed up as we can survive here for a time until we can get back to the uk.
Husband retired by only 4 months we have enough to be comfortable here but “benefits ib flux”

Hi Fiona

some things you could get together in your package of papers to prove you’re definitely here…

Your English address needs to be removed from everything “French”

If you had French Utility bills being sent to your UK address… get that changed NOW.

ExistingFrench Bank Account:
Tell them you are now here permanently, that the UK address is no longer… and that your French address needs to be the one printed on the cheques.
(when we did this, they noted the change of address in their records and issued us with a new cheque book carrying the French address
and they also changed the designation of our account to Resident instead of Etranger)
thus the French address is the one which is shown on the Bank Statements…

If you do not have a French bank account… get one now…

French car insurance

House Insurance notify them that it is Permanent Residence (and up the “contents” or whatever, if necessary, amount to include all the stuff of a permanent home. make sure they remove the UK address…

Write a brief letter, clearly dated, notifying that the house is no longer Maison Secondaire but now Maison Principale… and the UK address no longer applies… and send it Avis de Reception to the (correct) Impots office (check your bills).

Tthis sort of thing will provide a paper trail which you might or might not need…
I’m just offering a few ideas… but I’m sure you get my drift…

best of luck

I imagine that the benefits are being looked at to see what exactly will be put in place post-December - and that has been announced by the UK Government But should only apply to people arriving after December.

Yes there may be a desire amongst some to rip up the withdrawal agreement which could affect the S1 system and pensions, but doing it is an entirely different matter - so hope it doesn’t come to that.

Yes we have had all our bills to the French address day one so thats ok. We will sort the house insurance to premier maison. The estate agent 18 years ago helped us make it a home address etc as he thought we would be living here day one.
No issue with evidence now ,the doctor has provided long term equipment and carers when needed. I am more than happy after 18 years to realise our dream. Now we just hope we can stay. We need to pack up the uk house but this small cottage has been equipped as home for many years. It just needed its occupants :grin::grin::grin:


@Fiona_Richardson, a very brave resourceful and inspiring character that you are possessed of, may your dreams of a secure and sufficient sojourn in France be fulfilled! :fr::closed_lock_with_key::hugs:

maison principale or, more normally, résidence principale. première maison is the first one you lived in/owned/rented :wink:

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One slight problem. The NHS are being difficult. I have a custom altered electric wheelchair 6 years old and a recent attendant push one a year old. In France i have a 19 year old electric wheelchair that we bought prior to NHS provision that has not been used in 3 years. We are buying new batteries in hope it moves … now . I understand that they don’t want to loose equipment. But removing both i am in bed 24/7. They are being difficult about a wheelchair that will be dumped ,its worn out . We got our S1 today and explained to the hospital manage that reciprocal healthcare the NHS will have to buy me a replacement at a brand new price in France, have it adapted and billed to the UK.
Now that seems bizarre and so we have offered to buy it. Honestly its absolute scrap. Buying privately i went through one every 4 years.
Anyway we phoned the s1 people and they gave us the number of NHS England. I have always been honest and upfront and obviously presumed that the wheelchair was my legs it was something that would be part of me. I left it in the UK as a gesture of and issues and am trying to get my very old one road worthy.
Waiting for a reply from local wheelchair services before we ring NHS England. I guess at the end of the day a referral in France will cost a minimum of £10,00 and i get a new chair with a contribution.
It’s a mad world and reluctant to buy a new one myself. Pensions dont go far.
Happy days …

SSAFA is in France. SSAFA France, the Armed Forces Charity is supporting our Armed Forces. Anyone who is currently serving or has ever served in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force and their families, both Regulars, Reserves, and National Service is eligible for their help.
Veterans in Europe Applications for residency is required from all British residents living in France. Applications are made online with effect October 2020 and close 1st July 2021. For our veterans who experience difficulties in completing their applications @SSAFAFrance is here to provide support. If you have any questions about what you need to do to ensure you can continue living in Europe after December 2020, then please do not hesitate to make contact.
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Contact details if anyone needs our help are:

Forcesline: +44 207 463 9292 or

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Thanks a lot

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