Carte de séjour for EU passport holder

Does anybody know how to go about getting a ‘Carte de Séjour’ if you have an EU passport that is not British?
I have heard a lot about online application but cannot find a link anywhere for getting a ‘Carte de Séjour’ for thé first time. Only for renewals.

Why do you need one Karen?

This seems to point you in the right direction…

Have you tried making contact with your Prefecture… ???

Thank you, For your reply, Timothy.

My husband has retired recently, and we plan to stay here, as opposed to just coming for holidays. My husband is British, so he will have to see what happens October 1, 2020 .


Thank you, Stella. I don’t know why I thought I had read that it could be done online…Maybe just for renewals

My husband says he can do it online per 1/10;20. Do you know If that is for renewals or first time applicants as well?


As long as you’re living here before the 31st of December then it should just be a matter of your husband applying for a CdS just like the rest of us.

For the British… the French Government Brexit on-line site will/should cover all situations …

when it finally opens… :upside_down_face: :wink:

Thank you, Timothy. Do you happen to know, if I, as EU citizen, have to apply physically at the prefecture? Or is there an on line option for EU citizens?


If you are an EU citizen I do question why you think you need a CdS Karen as you are guaranteed FOM regardless, before the Brexit vote very few Brits bothered getting one.

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As yet there is no online option for anyone other than British people getting a withdrawal agreement CdS. And since the préfectures are overwhelmed with applications from 3rd country nationals since you don’t actually need one then I personally wouldn’t bother. Unless of course you live in an area where they have capacity. Look at your préfecture’s website to find out.

As an EU national you have the right to live and work here now and after Brexit.

For your husband, he will need to get a WA CdS even tho’ he is married to an EU national afaik, but as long as you can prove you are a stable resident by 31st December one hopes it will be straightforward once the portal opens in October.


It can be quite confusing… so much of our daily-life stuff is on-line

for the moment Brits are waiting to ask for CdS online using their own dedicated Brexit site…

all other folk who want their first CdS are being directed to their Prefecture (or a designated one, depending)…

If you check the link I posted, you can find out where/which Prefecture you would need to make contact with… for your own CdS…


There may be no WA and thus no CdS-WA if Doris gets his way…

Well, we do know the original “Without Agreement” CdSejour set up… :upside_down_face: :wink:

Thank you, Timothy. I must have been sleeping while I have been here: I don’t know what FOM means…
As for CDS, I need a Carte Vitale (until now on private health insurance) and thought that I need CdS to get one.
Apart from that, the foreigners we have met , but maybe they have all been Brits, seem to have CDS.


Thank you, Stella.

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Freedom of Movement - one of the essential elements of the EU

Thank you, Jane.

Are/ were Carte de Séjour onlY for Brits? Timothy also writes that I do not need a CDS.
If CdS are not necessary, why have have non French citizens bothered? (Maybe most haven’t…)

Can I get a Carte Vitale without à CDS?



Frankly, Karen… your EU Passport should be all you need to have to provide when/if asked for CdS by any offices/anyone …
As a European you have the right to be in France… but if you want to get a CdSejour as well, then go ahead and ask using the link I have provided.#

You do NOT need a Carte de Sejour to apply for a Carte Vitale but you will need your Passport… and some other info… very straight forward.

Timothy, thank you. I tried to send a reply a little while ago, but I am not sure it actually got sent.

I don’t know what FOM means. It is the first time I have heard it. And that it is not actually necessary to have a CdS. I must have been listening to the wrong people… Why have people been getting them?

Is it necessary to have one to get a Carte Vitale? I have an app to apply for one soon. Hitherto have private health insurance.


@Karenf : there is currently no generalised online process for EU citizens, you’ll have to file it manually with your local prefecture, unless it happens to have created an online submission system.