Carte de sejour Nigella's dad and I are applying!

Yes Nigella Lawsons dad is applying for a carte de sejour as he lives in Gers.
How crazy are politicians…how annoying they are. He voted for Brexit and yet he lives here.

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No scruples like that awful woman TM.

So who to vote for???
Kensington and Chelsea have just asked me if I want to vote…yes but who for???

What election? Has TM fallen on her sword??

The local elections were at the beginning of May Barbara?

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The request to renew my right to vote.

Unfortunately he is not the only one.

I know that is the problem.

Lawson may be lots of things but he’s not a fool, having happily lived here for many years it’s prudent that he applies for CDS.

Huge numbers of French, Dutch, Belgians and Italians are also anti-EU so he’s in good company.


He loves and respects his country so much that he finds that it is not the best place to live.
Ironic I think.

That’s a bit rich, you’ve chosen to make France your home but stil demand the right to vote in UK elections (presumably local as well as national) when you’ve not lived there for years and you slate the country at every opportunity.


Is it rich. Tim I am British.
I do not like what is happening to the NHS, the policing in UK, the politics and the way many people are treated.
I still have hope that before my life is at an end that the country which I was born in becomes a better place.
I have always said on here that I have enjoyed my young years in UK.
I just think that when you feel like having a bit of a row you head in my direction.
Not interested Tim.

You are more than willing to have a row with someone so don’t give me that.

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Stop this nonsense Tim.

Nigel Lawson is also British and has every right to vote how he likes regardless of where he lives, it may be seen as being hypocritical that he is now applying for residency rights here but he voted leave because he believes it would be better for the UK not because he hates Europe and he has said many times how much he loves France.

NL is a former politician in his 80’s so IMO is just an irrelevance.


yes Tim and his daughter was a client of mine at my restaurant.
I wonder how many people really think that UK would be better off outside Europe and
really what instigates that train of thought is it related to immigration or finance?
Did you vote for Brexit Tim?

No I didn’t vote for Brexit, I would assume that NL voted Leave because he thought the UK would be better off financially in the longer term as he really would be hypocritical if he was concerned about immigration being an immigrant himself.

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That really does not stop people…being hypocritical.
I know of several immigrants in London who voted to leave because of
You never really know what makes people tick.

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Mr Lawson is entitled to his opinion.

I don’t think that it is hypocritical to live in France (or anywhere else in the EU) but yet think that the UK would be better off leaving the Union.

Mr Lawson is entitled to state his views in public.

Where I do start to think it is a wee bit unreasonable is to take a prominent role in a campaign to persuade people living in the UK to vote to leave the EU when he, by dint of wealth and living in France is going to be insulated from all the nasty, practical, fall out of the decision to leave.

It is something I think many of the Leave campaign are guilty of.

At least Farage knew he was going to loose his job if he won (but not the pension).

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“A wee bit unreasonable”? How about “blisteringly hypocrtical”?

[edit] I agree with your points regarding his private entitlements. [/edit]