Carte des sejour

I have a CDS but cannot get an appointment for my wife so that she can apply for one. What will happen after Brexit if she has not been able to get anappointment.
We are both retired and have lived here for 8 years, and pay taxes etc here. We both have a carte vitale, and health insurance.

This subject has been asked before - have a look at this link (and a few others) by entering “cds” in the mag glass icon above (top right)

I believe you can apply on line now. Sorry I cannot help as we applied by sending in the required docs.

Really don’t worry. If you have been here legally for 8 years, with tax returns and meeting financial limits then it’s pretty certain that you will get one. So you can wait until it’s clear what will be needed after Brexit and do it then. In all the various scenarios there is a period for people to apply post-Brexit.

The people who are stressing are those who have not “lived” here officially, ie have been relying on EHIC for medical care and haven’t registered their home as a principal residence or completed tax returns. Or those who are financially constrained so may not meet thresholds.

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