Carte gris on line

Has anyone else had a problem downloading their document information onto the new online carte gris system? I have put it all in a folder but when I try to add the folder to the online system the folder opens to the individual documents and the site will only accept one document.

The DMP (Dossier Médical Partagé) allows you to upload documents to your medical online record and that only allows 1 document at a time (as it is assumed that you will give each document a date).

Graham, I’m not sure how this helps? Is the DMP part of the carte gris system??? And my problem is precisely that I cannot load more than one document at a time onto that system. When I add one document it then changes to Supprimer so that I can only remove that document not add another!. David

Hi David, you may have overcome the problem by now, but it not…

Many/most Mairies have facilities for the public to access the online systems for all sorts of stuff.

Why not ask at your local Mairie if they are so equipped - and, if so, can someone help you.

Even our little village Mairie offers the facility, but sometimes one has to wait or make an appointment - all depends on what is on the go and how adept one is with computers et al.

Just a thought…

My husband spent 2 hours at our French neighbours yesterday trying to correct our address on the ants system. Even our neighbour had to ring them 3 times before they were successful. Part of the problem is, as in the UK, there are sites that look official but are private and want to charge.

Very true Teresa- it can be quite confusing as well as costly.

If done through the Mairie - with their help, only the proper sites will be accessed.

Well their persistence paid off in the end. We have a confirmation email.

guard it with your life :wink:

Isn’t it nice when neighbours help one another… :hugs:

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Hello Stella, In this small commune there is no such facility. The facility does exist in sub prefectures apparently but the question of language level then arises. The problem has been solved by calling in a computer expert ( not cheap ). His initial reaction is this is a simple matter. In fact it took half an hour of different approaches and finally succeeded through actions I simply did not know how to do. The system looks simple but isn’t. I am interested in the fact that no one has so far come forward and said “this is easy, this is what I did”. On the contrary see Tessa’s message sent after yours. All carte gris are now to be obtained or amended through this national online system. I had to upload six different documents simply to remove a deceaseds name from the card.

Hi David - it is appalling that you have had to pay someone to do this for you.

Why on earth your Mairie did not simply tell you where the nearest “equipped” Mairie was, I have no idea - there are thousands of them all across France.

As for the language - a good dictionary gets most problems dealt with.

Our Secretaire has sworn loudly at the “public” computer - and would possibly have chucked it out of the window had I not been there on one occasion … so, yes, I agree it is not always easy/straightforward.:wink:

Our payment, offered by us obviously not asked for, was a bottle of wine.

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I’ve recently gained some whisky and chocolates as “thank-you’s”… OH is very pleased with the first and I have hidden the second (lest we gobble them up too quickly). :wink:

Hello Stella, My point is that this is a system which is supposed to be usable at home. The question of payment or public facilities elsewhere is not the issue. The problem appears to lie with the system itself as Tessa’s experience seems to confirm. I repeat no one so far has come forward to say they’ve done it and it was easy. Everyone is likely to be faced with this system sooner or later when they seek a change or amend their carte gris. The French government is perfectly capable of producing friendly systems - I think the Fisc is much more accessible and helpful than HMRC for example - but it does not seems to have done so in this case. If it is accessible and usable for all why do I need a computer expert to deal with it? Or, if you like, why do I need to go to the sub prefecture for advice and help? And can the system systain the numbers it is likely to involve if that is necessary? I should emphasize that the problem is simply with the final step, working through the preceeding steps is non-problematic. David

David… from the experience of a number of French… I think we can assume that there is (or certainly has been) a problem with the online system. Whether it is in the wording or lack of… or exactly what… I cannot say.

There will be folk who have done the business without too much hassle, but they are not necessarily on this forum. If the entire country were in turmoil - it would have been a hot topic and doubtless someone would be manifesting in the streets. :upside_down_face::zipper_mouth_face::joy::joy:

@Mark_Rimmer what has been your experience ???

You wildly exaggerate what I have said. Note also my complimentary remarks on the Fisc site. With regard to your people who have “done the business without too much hassle”, produce one!

Pardon, David… cannot see what I have wildly exaggerated. :thinking:

I agreed with you that there has been/maybe is a problem… :zipper_mouth_face:

A cautionary tale regarding Carte Grise en ligne.

On july 4th this year I completed the online forms to change the address of my Berlingo. It is registered with the old system ie : 1234 AB 56

I followed the online instructions believing that the site was government run and operated. The idea was to avoid actually going to the Prefecture so, laziness on my part maybe ?

I completed the forms and paid the bill online as requested. I then sent off the completed form with the original Carte Grise with an EDF bill to prove my address. Fortunately I made a copy of the CG as well as the completed form. I then sent off the lot as Lettre Récommandée avec accusé de réception.

I then realised the transaction was being dealt with by a company called HKS Automotives in Reims who turns out to be sub contractors to the French government. I heard nothing and never received the accusé de réception and started to worry. I waited two weeks before trying to contact the company by phone but each time I tried there was no reply or just an answerphone. I left email messages as requested but heard nothing.

Almost six weeks gone and I started to seriously look at how I could get things done with avocats etc but this morning, lo and behold I get a message from HKS telling me my case was being dealt with and that I would be receiving my new CG very shortly !

If you Google ‘HKS Automotives avis’ or similar you will see they only have 1 star. Read the comments and see the problem. The big problem of course is that the company doesn’t give out any info so you are left wondering what’s happening. Just a word would have been nice…

Be warned !!!

I heard nothing from the

The problem is that as people do not change their cars very often many have not had to use the online system yet. It therefore is unfamiliar territory to most & being human many have not actually read the instructions properly. I have probably used the system well over a hundred times so far this year so am getting the hang of it.
One of the biggest complaints is that, having selected the correct field to cover the process, uploading documents can be an issue. Take the trouble to read the instructions & you will read that documents must be less than 1mb in size & must be in JPG, PDF or PNG format - JPEG, whatever the experts say, is NOT the same as JPG & those will be rejected.
If your documents are too big or in the wrong format you can google sites that will resize/change the format for you.

Will I do, David? As a garagiste I deal with the ANTS site daily. I do come across some silly admin occasionally & at the moment it is that some import applications are put on hold as the EEC certificate of conformity from the manufacturer is not being accepted by some of the ANTS operatives while other applications - with exactly the same paperwork - are.

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Not even that, when I part exchanged my car for a new one, the concessionaire did all the paperwork for me, including the carte grise.