Carte vitale - what does this cover?

Hi both myself and my husband have a carte vitale as we are both registered for work. My husband has to have a out patient operation on his hand. do we have to take out additional coverage for this or are we covered under the french system ( because we have the CV ? )

sorry if its a dumb question - we are just not sure what we are covered for.



If you don’t have a mutuelle you will have to pay some of the costs. you could ask the dr / hosptial what these may be to see if it is worthwhile getting the mutuelle. We didn’t have one and my son had his tonsils out and all I had to pay was €90 to the private dr


It might be an idea for you to trawl through the threads to try and understand just what percentage of costs is covered by the Carte Vitale…

let’s start you off…

Top-up health insurance 'mutuelle' in France

Thank you, I have made some enquiries but I dont know which mutuelle ( there are so many of them)

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Then have a look at,



Did you ever take up the suggestion made a while ago… to speak with Fabien … he is tried and trusted and he has a new web site (Fab French Insurance…)… check it out, as per Chris Kite’s post…

nothing to lose… :hugs:

and everything to gain… @fabien provides extremely good advice on this subject and guides you through all the options rather than just throw any old policy at you :wink:

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But do your sums first. If you are in reasonable health, don’t wear glasses and have ok teeth then you can pay out far more on a full cover mutuelle than you get back.

We worked out that we paid around 1000€ a year more than we received back. So now have a much more affordable hospital cover only mutuelle, and pay the amounts not covered by the CV ourselves. So far (this is year 2) we are significantly better off.

And for the straightforward hospital interventions we’ve had haven’t even needed to use the mutuelle. OH had a hernia op that cost him just the daily hospital forfait of 18€. In Tory’s example she does say they used a ‘private doctor’, which so perhaps a secteur 2 one which isn’t covered in full by the CV. But to get that covered by a mutuelle you would need one with 150% cover or more.

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It’s useful to hear real life experiences, I am still learning so thanks for these replies