Carte vitale

After 19 years in France, and with French nantionality, for the first time the people who issue the Carte Vitale have told me it has to be renewed every year with proof that I have a pension from GB as I have no personal income originating from France. Does anyone else know about this?

We imagine it is to prevent fraud.

Anne Brechet

Yes, I had to copy my UK Gov pension letter advising of last years weekly rise from 6th April to 5th April this year, for it to be sent off with my 2014 declaration. as for the CV fortunately I arrived with my state pension letter in 2008’ 6 months after I started drWing my pension in 2007. OH was immediately deemed as my dependant with his S1 in hand at same time. we were dealt with by CPAM in Beziers different times, departments and rules seemingly.

Wonder what the caustic cockroach Farage will do from the other side of the channel.

No, never, That's really weird. I too only have UK-derived income and have just received my new, PERMANENT Carte Vitale!

Don, yes of course the CV is from CPAM but it is normally URSSAF that collect the money. One of the key advantages of being a European Union citizen is we get our health care free of French charges. Being a US citizen is different.

Dick, being an American, and not having any treaty affiliations for European health care, CPAM membership was mandatory for me, as per my prefecture. After over a decade of dealing with them and a file full of their correspondence there is little doubt that my Carte Vitale is from CPAM.

Interesting, I have just received a questionnaire from cpam (update records) this is the first time in 9 years.

We certainly paid quarterly to URSSAF until the first one of us retired and started receiving a state pension.

Are you sure it’s CPAM and not URSSAF? I had to submit to URSSAF until I retired and submitted an S1.

CPAM has been sending me an annual questionnaire, re: income, residence and family status, for the past nine years. I dutifully fill it in and send it back, with the requisite documentation, only to receive another request with threats of termination for failure to comply a few months later. I simply remind them, hand written on the second demand letter, that they already have the information, and note the date sent. I never hear back from them until the next year's request arrives. They seem rather disorganized at HQ, but the card still works at the doctor's office.

We always ticked that box but he wanted physical proof. i hadn't noticed the 10 years but have had this card since they first started and just update it when required.

There is a space on the tax return, Box E I think, where you advised to write words to the effect that you are exempt from social charges as holders of S1. Done it every year and no problems. In the very small print of my letter accompanying the Carte Vitale it say it is valid for 10 years. I had not noticed that but when my CV expired and the pharmacy refused the card I went to CPAM and it was renewed straight away - for another 10 years!

Sorry being frivolous but you were in Condom and I suppose without a capot anglais! Sorry about that could not resist.

We have provided copies of our S1 for our tax return, but only once.

Your guy us having a laugh and I would ask to see the relevant documentation for his request.

He will probably say, because I can, but he cannot and if you have this problem again I would go to Your Europe Assurance and ask for their advice.

Two years ago when doing our tax return in person in Condom the guy who was dealing with us smiled (quite slyly) and asked us for our S1s to prove how our health costs were paid for. Even though we pointed out that we were both in receipt of UK State Pensions and had been for 13/8 years respectively and had had to produce the S1 in order to get the CVs which we had held during all that time, he was insistent that we presented a copy with our tax return. So another 100kms round trip and we took them in and asked if this was a requirement every year which he confirmed. We asked if there wasn't a box he could tick on the computer to show he had seen them to save us providing photocopies every year but there wasn't (I wonder why?). I have checked with other English friends and none of them have ever been asked for C1s with their tax return. I did wonder if it was because he couldn't find anything wrong with our form filling.

Yes I have done that for the last ten years with this card. Suddenly, because I had not filled in a form I did not know about, and they did not bother to inform me it all went wobbly. Our pharmacist was mystified as well! I am the only native English person, in our Commune anyway so no one had any idea what to do! Even when I phoned the CPAM at Nantes they were equally in the dark! as I said they don’t catch up, or speak to one another.
Another example is that my French native husband had to chase the administration for two years to get his industrial disease recognised, we had to contact offices all over France. Now he has a cancer from it it was equally difficult and un fathomable to get the 100% health cover he should have by right for the treatment. It is not just Brits who have the problems it is all over.

I agree but only if he can change EU law, if for instance, UK renegotiated.We +15 people need the vote!

That is an update that applies to everyone holding a card ( 'mise a jour" )

I understood that the card does not need to be renewed - but it has to be reactivated 'mise a jour" annually. The pharmacist usually does it when I pick up a prescription.

That awful little cockroach sarko did a lot of damage for English people here. God help us he could get in again.