Cat problem

So starting from the beginning I bought a house 4 months ago it came with a cat I did not really want a cat but the last owner said it was a easy cat that takes care of it self but that was not the case at all after 4 months of not having much sleep and a cat that thinks my house is it’s toilet I have had enough now I can’t even have any doors open anymore because It comes in What can I do are they places in France to take cats to?

Where are you based?

Sorry I forgot dordonge

Have you put a litter tray out for it?


Yes I have

The SPA take in cats. I always feel so sorry for them being confined in shelters.

Maybe if you describe the problem in more detail one of the cat lovers on here may be able to advise on how to make your life easier whilst letting the cat live in your garden but not the house?

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That’s the problem it’s trying to get in all the time makes allot of sounds especially at night and I love to be able to have my doors open with out him getting inside

Try being nice to him rather than rejecting him, it will make both of you better :blush:


Another option

We got out cats from here.

To be honest it sounds like the best thing for the cat would be for you to take it to a rescue such as SPA so that it can find a new loving home with people that actually want a cat ! You were probably foolish to take it on in the first place. Good luck.

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Be nice to the moggy put litter trays & water about the house to start with reduce as time goes bye. It’s probably suffering from the loss of previous occupants and showing it. Do this and come winter it’ll be cuddling up with you in front of the fireplace.


Do you live rurally or in a built up area Martin…???

I’m surrounded by farmland and a couple of weeks back I had a mother cat start hanging around with what I thought was one kitten…I started putting tinned mackerel out for them as I didn’t want them eating the wild birds which I also feed…:grinning:

Then I found another kitten at the bottom of my field and realised she was hanging around waiting for it…once I’d fed them for a few days they all moved on…

I think for now in your position I would put food and water outside for it in the same place every day regular as clockwork so it doesn’t feel so fretful about trying to come inside…

Then you could either make peace with it or at least have a less stressed cat with a full belly ready for a rescue to collect…:slightly_smiling_face:


I feed Here every day that’s not the problem the last owner did not own the cat either they said it just turned up one day last year the problem is that it comes in do it’s business and then lives me cleaning for a hour fitted carpets not that easy to clean and it’s stinks and then my sleeping problem is to start with a suffer from little sleep ass it is most nights I sleep 4 hours and work full time so having the cat keeping me up is a nightmare last night I got 2 hours of sleep

If any of you guys want the cat I can gladly drive deliver it to you

So I just need to go and drop it of that simple?

I don’t know you would need to contact them.

It is the problem.

I think that you need to re-define your relationship with this animal such that you are the boss because it sounds as though it is semi-feral and in charge chez vous at present.

I appreciate what you said about having doors/windows open but I think your options are, roughly:

  • stop feeding it or letting it into the house. You might need ear plugs short term but it will get the message (there is truth to the old adage that one never owns a cat but merely provides board and lodging for a while - stop doing that and it will move on to someone who will)

  • take it to a rescue shelter

  • if you have scope allow it into an isolated part of the house only, with access to food, water and litter. Allow it outside but not into the rest of the house - eventually it will be quite content with this arrangement and just sleep during the day so you can have doors/windows open in the rest of the building.

Now that it has started to soil the house it is going to keep on doing so - you might be able to get it to stop with direct negative feedback (a spray bottle of water is an effective deterrent which does not actually hurt the animal) but you need to catch it in the act, almost every time, or it will not learn.

Oh, and if it is male make sure it is neutered (and spayed if female but that has less of an effect on day to day behaviour).

Also we used a product called simple solution for our new rescue dog but there is also one for cats.

Basically it is hard (as you know) to get rid of the smell of urine/faeces and this product contains enzymes to destroy the smell. This results in the cat being less likely to return and mark the same spot.

On the plus side we have just done three weeks without any indoor accidents. In these challenging times it is good to celebrate small victories!

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Is it a male or female cat Martin? Cats are normally very clean animals. It sounds as if you don’t mind it being in the house if would just stop making a mess. If it’s a male just markng its territory then a quick snip might be the answer.