Cat problem

It’s a female

Ther is one more problem I travel allot and have no one to take care of her when I’m gone

Worth a try - personally I’ve not had much luck with this type of thing.

You probably know this, don’t use bleach to clean up the pee etc, it just reinforces the smell and encourages them to return.
Try to rehome that poor cat, it is fairly obvious you and she don’t get on and she might behave quite differently in a place where someone likes her. I’d have her but I already have an elderly female cat who wouldn’t at all appreciate an interloper.


Cheap white vinegar works well as a deterrent.

Martin, you might like to ask yourself a couple of questions. Having to clean like that, and loss of sleep, are not conducive to a good relationship.

If the cat behaved herself, would you want to keep her? Not out of a sense of duty, or anything like that: Do you want to keep her - for the rest of her life?

Question 2 is Can you keep her, given the amount of travelling you do? Can you make provision for her feeding, perhaps with a neighbour?

There’s no shame in taking her to a shelter if you feel you can’t give her a good life.

If the answer to both questions is Yes, then it’s extremely unlikely you won’t be able to train her. Almost all cats can be trained to behave as you wish, but it takes time. Usually people say a couple of weeks; ours picks things up much more quickly, but it still requires determination.

And – don’t take this as criticism: you were put in a difficult position by the previous owner – you’re giving it mixed messages. You feed it, but you don’t really want it in the house.

If she is coming into the house, for whatever reason, then she’s likely to be a stray rather than feral. If you’re going to keep her (and if I’m correct in guessing she’s a stray), you’ll have to accept that she’s probably used to being inside overnight. Are you ready for that?

You’ll also want to establish why she’s messing in the house. That probably requires a separate thread!

If she’s a stray, she might be chipped. Her old owners might be going spare wondering what’s happened to her – though they probably have given her up for dead by now! You could take her to a vet to check for a chip (they’d use something like this:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=pouce+scanner+chat+chien&qid=1597659970&sr=8-1) – if you know a local vet, or someone who could make an introduction, maybe you could borrow a scanner since I doubt you have the skills to pick her up and put her in a carrying cage?

Finally: you’re new to all of this, so don’t hesitate to come back with more questions if you decide to keep her . All the cat-lovers will be rooting for you!


and a decent red works well as cat au vin :grin:


Now you’re being catty on purr-puss.

No she is really friendly I can pick her up I have a box for her got only if she got in to a fight ore hit by a car I am animal friend don’t wish a animal anything bad had dogs all my life even have my old ones tattooed on me it’s just different with a dog a dog I can take with me every where

Another thing occurs to me. If the cat is doing its business in the same place each time, the reason may be that the previous owner put a litter box there. In which case, the answer to that problem may be as simple as
buying a litter box (some prefer covered; mine prefers to be open, and to stand with his front paws on the side. Make sure it’s big enough) and some litter
buying an UV torch so you can check for any pee you’ve missed - on the wall, for example
and placing the litter box in the place identified.


If I was that lucky it’s every where in the house different locations all the time last time it was my brand new sofa

Right. Strike that one out!

Best to take her to a rescue centre. Cats are fickle creatures, but when they are ill they tend to pee everywhere. The poor cat is a) very confused, b) resents you for being there whilst the ‘old’ owners left her behind c) is ill and needs to see a vet.
So to put you both out of your misery - take her to a vet, have them check the cat for a micro chip and see if the previous owners are registered and can be traced. If that fails, take her to a rescue to be re homed.
My one and only female cat I ever owned resented me travelling - when the suitcase came out she was adamant to pee into the clothes/shoes to make sure I knew she did not approve of my travels. Never was able to train her NOT to do this.


When we gave one street cat a home he was very dubious at first. Hid on top of the wardrobe, hissed at us, and for some reason took against our comtoise clock and peed on it at every opportunity. That stopped - eventually! once he realised he was safe and we were not cat torturers.

I’ve also had one cat crap right in the middle of the living room floor as a ritual manifestation of displeasure. She only ever did it if I was away for more than a week, and she did it after the neighbours had changed the litter, just before I came home.

So I think… this cat needs a proper home and to know she is okay. Hope she’ll find one… and an owner with enough time and patience for her.

We have three… I suspect another cat might have difficulty fitting in.

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I understand that - cats bond to places much more than dogs do - so, while you could leave her to fend for herself, you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.

The poor cat probably hasn’t been neutered/spayed. If you have them done they will settle down in a few weeks when the hormones leave their system, however if you are not prepared to care for it properly it might be better to rehome it. Look at Les Amis Des Animaux.

If you won’t look after it properly please don’t just ignore it, please bring it to a shelter. How terribly cruel when this was it’s home to just ignore it. If it is not neutered or spayed having that done will stop the soiling. Plenty of people actually do OWN cats and the cats love them, they are not objects to be dismissed when it doesn’t suit you.

I rather got the impression that it was originally a stray - why else would the previous owner not take it with them or make arrangements but leave it for responsibility to be taken up by the new owner.

I’d not even consider moving on without taking animals with us.


He bought a sailboat and sailing around the world

Probably not the best environment for a cat (but, then, they used to have ship’s cats after all).

OK, so if not originally a stray I agree a bit mean to just ignore it.

If you want to keep it I would go with limiting it to a small area of the house unless closely supervised until it gets used to you as new owner.