Cat travel on Britanny Ferries


We’re coming to mid France in autumn to stay for a couple of months. The cat’s coming with us.

I’ve read up on all the veterinary rules, but just wondered if anyone on here had traveled over from the Uk with a cat, ideally via Britanny Ferries, which we’ll go with.

Were the pet cabins supplied with litter, for example? Is there anything you wished you’d brought? And also, any tips for keeping puss happy on a drive through northern France.

She’s no a bad car traveler, by the way, although I think she assumes every journey ends at the vet’s!

Thanks for any advice,


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Sorry not to come in with advice about cats on Brit ferries but a comment on Brit Ferries customer service.

To my surprise the c/s UK phone was answered immediately, following a message that it would take 30 mins to get thru’. That was the good news.

“Old message left on. Puts people off” I was told. You don’t say …

My enquiry could not be resolved by the c/s I spoke to. She gave me an email address ‘’.

The auto reply to my email included this

“We confirm receipt of your e-mail and we aim to respond to you within 35 working days”. -

within 35 working days!

Brittany Ferries UK c/s still has a long way to go …

Are you sure it wasn’t 3-5 ??

The pet cabins on the ferry are ordinary cabins on the same deck as your car. Making it easier to get all your stuff (incl. Food bowls, litterbox etc.) and of course the cat from the car.
No special treats etc., we had an overnight ferry, but by the time you hit the bed, its almost time to get up again.


Thanks, Bettina. We’ll turn up prepared!

I agree with Bettina @Bristolpete - pet cabins are for you AND your pet! The only difference from ordinary cabins that I could see is that the floors have no carpet in order to be washable!

Re the @captainendeavour comment about contacting Brittany Ferries, the easiest and quickest way to do it in my experience is via Twitter. In fact, I created a Twitter account for just that purpose and have had almost immediate responses.

Hopefully we won’t have any queries with them! If it’s the UK side,

Thanks, Angela. That’s a great tip!

Copied and pasted from their email. …

Oh dear! Must I? :roll_eyes: I have manged to survive thus far without Twitter or FaceAche or Instagrim or LinkedIn

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Ouch, that’s quite a damming admission then (unless their email should have said 3-5 days).

Of course not! All I was saying was that it worked for me for Brittany Ferries and that’s the only time I ever log on!

If they do respond 3-5 days I will let you know.

I’m sure you would prefer the shorter time frame.

Apart from anything else it is an odd time frame in some ways - I mean, it’s exactly 5 weeks but you’d think they would say 30 days or something if it was actually that long.

Whaddya know?! I got a reply today! Day 3! Chapeau! They need not only to amend their outgoing phone message but stick a - between 3 & 5!


Thanks, this is useful.


The issue is another matter, Tory. It’s the response time of 35 working days on their email auto-response message that had us :open_mouth:

As it happens, it might be of some interest.

I posted three letters in the “Lettres” slot in the side wall of the Reception desk on Mt. St. Michel on 6th Aug. In fact, one DL4 biz envelope fitted the slot, the other two were greetings cards that didn’t fit so the reception woman took them in hand, opened her side of the box and put them in. I saw her do this.

The ship was heading for FR. I did confirm with her that the box would be cleared when back in Portsmouth as the three items all had UK stamps on, for UK addresses.

I have been able to check with the addressees of the cards that they have not received them to date. That means my ‘Sold vehicle to Bloggs’ part of the V5 of my van has not reached DVLA Swansea.

B.F are checking with the ship about what happened to post in that box on that day. And will get back to me when they have noos.

So, in short - beware posting stuff on board Brit Ferries. It might never get there.

I’m surprised that they even have post boxes on the ferries- were there separate ones for french and british post? If not can you imagine someone at BF sorting it??

I always thought once on a ferry, it was a bit like being “airside” where as you go through passport/security etc there were signs saying there was no postal service beyond this point

I seem to remember, back-along, there were red post boxes on X-channel ferries. Maybe on the British owned lines.

No separate FR & UK. I imagine the number of items is tiny. I think mine were the only 3, judging by the response of the receptionist when I first asked about it. She did accept my letters so one would expect them to wend their way.