Cats, Cats, Cats, let us see your photos of your CATS!


Thanks Lauren, I’ll keep that one in mind next time too - excellent!

Try Maizena-cornstarch…I tried shampoos and the quantity needed was as much a problem as the oil…they weren’t happy and it irritated their skin. I rubbed in the cornstarch which absorbed the oil and fell off. They were less ticked off and it comes out easily. My sheets, sofa and beige tiled floor didn’t fair as well.

This old home remedy comes from my step-mom in Florida.

Claudette - what a doll!!
These photos are all so super, how anyone can dump cats and kittens is beyond me!

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Claudette a couple of years ago!


Gosh Lynn, those babies are precious! I doubt that I could part with them! I hope they will all find good homes!!!

…and Mischief, who just appeared as a young kitten at our door one day while we were on holiday. Our daughter was so attached to him by the time we got back that he got to stay.


These are Tatou and Bibi, our beautiful rescues adopted through the Phoenix Association in the Dordogne:


These are Lillies little ones, just one week old!


I’m sure he’ll forgive you and get over it, better that he has a little upset like this - sounds like you did exactly the right thing. How about getting your neighbour to replace his car???

Hi Julie,

Firstly and most importantly, any type of oil or gas is extremely toxic to your cat. It’s imperative that you remove the oil from its fur immediately. If you suspect your cat has ingested some, take it to the veterinarian right away.

You can try to remove it by bathing with warm water and soap or washing up liquid. Most cats don’t like taking a bath so you could try just massaging the fur with the solution. In the end if this doesn’t work after several attempts, then cutting out the offending area of fur maybe the only option.

Absolutely gorgeous cats John and you must have a lot of patience, I know how long it takes to get photos of kittens etc but it seems that you wore them out beforehand - that’s cheating!
Aren’t they just wonderful though?
If you are interested, in our cat charity we have Lillie, she gave birth to 6 kittens on the 15th April so we are trying to follow their progress in photos on our website -

Welcome to our cat mad group!

Can I add videos of cats…?

Was sorting through the computer and came across three old videos I recorded with what I think was my first cheap video camera. I then converted them to slow motion.

These are just 4 of the many cats that came my way…

The first video is of dear Bonzo, giving birth to my Bonzocat user name!

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Our cat is now 21.

She is now blind, deaf and has dementia as well as various aches and pains (presently on metacam) sleeping more than 20 hours per day. She’s not decrepit enough to put to sleep, but she’s too old to live well like so many old humans. Once she’s gone there will be no more pets.


The only regret my mother admitted to at the end of her life was not getting another pet when hers died when she was in her mid 80’s…. As her horizons shrunk she realised that a furry companion would have been comforting.

My mother, now 89, moved up near us about 14 years ago and gave up cats because she couldn’t really look after them properly. A relly somewhat older got herself a cat when in her 80s, and received numerous scratches to the lower legs that became badly ulcerated requiring hospital visits. The companionship can be comforting, but even something as solitary as a cat requires significant care and management (not least dealing with litter & vomit).

Unearthed a lost photo of out-of-focus Fluff, shaven by the vet because she was impossibly fluffy, resulting in strangulating tangles that defied any comb or brush.

She lived all her life out in the fields and would turn up from to time, usually when she needed a shave.


Oooh just thought if any of you have longhaired dreadlocked cats or dogs I have just recently discovered the absolute best way of getting them out, a seam ripper, works like magic.

The detangling comb sold from time to time in Pet Week by Lidl might work.

You could even test with the human version that often pops up in Bathroom Week. 1.99.