CdSejour On-line Portal, Info & Flow Chart 19 October '20 onwards

Gareth, feedback I’m getting is that it isn’t one of the quicker departments but not had any real figures.

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My wife and I made our applications (for renewal of existing cards) towards the end of November. We received emails stating that they had been ‘clotured’ two days ago and that we would be receiving further notifications soon. Lo and behold they both arrived in the same post today.
Happy bunnies.

for reference @letstryagain which Dept/Predecture?

We have our appointments - 1st Feb. (Lot-et-Garonne). I applied 19th October.

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56 Morbihan.

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Dept 86 - Vienne.
I made my application on 19th October and I’ve just received my rendezvous notification for 20th January


Appreciate the updates, I’m asked numerous times a day about specific areas and I can only give real data on the Dordogne so great to hear, keep them coming!


Still nothing from St Lo (50 Manche)

Is there any charge for the Carte de Séjour? (we have appointments in Bordeaux next week).

IIRC not for the WA version (or replacement of the UE version post Brexit). But there is generally a cost for TCN versions outside the scope of the WA.

No, they are free for the WA, as G said TCN ones have a charge. When did you apply Mat?