Changing address on Carte Grise - téléservice

Hi all,

I need to change my address on my Carte Grise. I’ve followed the info on this page Changer l'adresse sur sa carte grise | (the format AB 123 CD and 2nd change of address).

I used the téléservice de changement d’adresse sur internet (which sends your new info to various gov agencies) ten days ago and apart from the automatic confirmation from the service itself I’ve had no reply. There was no requirement to submit any proof of address, which I found surprising.

It then says autre possiblité, I can use the ANTS service directly. But, why would I? You need to send proof of address and pay a fee.

I am starting to wonder whether the first option actually works. Has anybody else had any experience with the téléservice? I find it strange that they have one straightforward option and one faffy/payable option to achieve the exact same outcome. Have I missed something?

It’s been some time since we moved to where we are now but I do recall using that service to very good effect.
IIRC, all that happened (in respect of CG or more correctly the certificate d’immatriculation) was that we were furnished with a sticker to place over the old address.

Thanks Graham, do you remember how long it took between submitting the form and receiving the sticker? I’m wondering if at 10 days so far I’m being much too impatient…

gosh, it was over 8 years ago but I don’t remember being concerned about any delay…

A month ago I did the change of address via ANTS and received a sticker within a few days… and there was no fee to pay.

One vehicle needs to change to a modern carte grise and that will cost 2,78€ if I recall correctly.

ditto stella

We did mine about four weeks ago and it automatically went onto the other site which then informed every single body you canthink of and I got emails confirming but…I then got an email saying the ANTS change of address was not valid so I don’t know whether the original application on the main site went through cos no sticker has arrived yet or whether this other cancelled it. I also got an SMS from some company wanting to invoice me for the change of address so just deleted it as its free on ANTS. If I don’t receive anything in a couple of weeks, think we will start again.


Thanks all. Well it looks like the téléservice is not quite as efficient as it’s supposed to be and I’ll probably just have to stop being lazy and do it directly on ANTS…

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