Changing Doctor (GP)

I’m considering changing my doctor.
Can anyone advise whether:

  • this is as simple as completing form CERFA 12485*03?
  • any records centrally held will be automatically updated to reflect my new GP?

I recently changed doctor. I made an appointment with the new doctor and they updated my CV. I assume they can now access my medical records.

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We changed a year ago, at our first rdv with the new one last week he had access to our complete medical history.

It is as easy as Poppy and Timothy have said. Make an appointment and if the MT is able to take you on, (s)he will do the rest. Your medical records follow you (they « belong » to you anyway…

I had hoped that signing up to the dossier médical partagé would have made all this seamless, but still doesn’t seem to be functioning for me (unless I upload stuff). Does it work for anyone else?

some stuff of mine goes in automatically (prescriptions, innoculations, blood tests certainly…) but I did have to upload lots of previous stuff when I opened it originally …

Oh yes, you are right, my prescriptions are added. But nothing else.

Our MT and various CHU docteurs of my medical acquaintance tell me that the DMP was first tried quite a few years ago and didn’t seem to make much headway and it seems the same will happen on this iteration of the projet too. Angoulême suggest it may happen « next year » (but that was last year and no sign of it yet) and Limoges CHU Opthalmagie suggest it will « never » happen…

Drat and double drat… talking about DMP got me to check OH’s… which should be full of stuff from intensive happenings in January …


I’m so miffed… I really thought this was a good idea… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

It is a good idea but involves more work for the médecins so they probs want more pay to make it work :wink:

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seems daft, when all reports etc are already on computer… push of a button… surely ???

I’ve got printouts of scans… cd’s etc… I thought this would be an improvement/advance… ah well…

Promises, promises.

It doesn’t work for us. Ony prescriptions seem to be available, no consultation dates or any other clinical info of any kind. I shall ask at the pharmacie where I believe there may be a borne, but it’s very well hidden if there is one, and no signage about accessing one’s dossier.

I feel rather deprived.

Pharmacies usually have a borne where you can “mise à jour” your carte vitale, but not much else. If you want to consult your DMP then ask the pharmacist. They have access.

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What does bringing my Carte Vitale up to date mean? Do I have to enter the date of each consultation and what I consider to be its purpose and outcomes myself? Surely that would be the province of the MT?

Peter… you simply put your CV into/onto the little thingy… and it updates with admin information… Generally once a year… it notes the renewal of Mutuelle Insurance… plus the fact that you are alive … presumably… :thinking: no info re ingrowing toenails or whatever… :joy: :joy:

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Once a year you should “mise à jour” your carte vitale to make sure that details of your health-cover and mutuelle (if any) are up to date. You don’t access your dossier via your carte vitale, it is separate. The DMP sticker is just there to tell people you have signed up.

It is for the service providers to add things to your dossier, although you can also upload stuff yourself from your home computer.

What are we to understand by “stuff”? As is well known, I have plenty of load-worthy stuff, and am not averse to uploading some of it without much further incitement… :joy:

Well if you want to upload a poem to your proctologist this is entirely possible… it appears to be your choice.

I think proctologists are a music-hall invention, 'though there may be a few in corners of Florida… otherwise it seems a rather dead-end career, often with many obstacle to overcome before progress is possible… (Geddit?).

A poem on the theme of proctological desolation, isolation and its dark places… that has defo awoken my muse :point_up::writing_hand: