Changing Doctor (GP)

Just checked my DMP space, and am really disappointed.
Apart from the documents that I have uploaded (UK medical records, health summary etc) there has only been 1 other document added. This document was described as ‘refund’…and is unavailable when I select it.

A real shame because my view is that DMP has a lot of potential.

What a luxury. We can’t even get one to register us let alone switch. But I hope you find your switch painless.

Mainly because I am finding it almost impossible to get a telephone answered in my quest for a rdv, only a 30 km round trip will do the trick, I have decided that we would be much better off at the larger surgery in the village 4 times nearer to us than the current one.

Fran’s aide de toilette, who lives there says her husband gets his appointments online using something called ClickDoc. I tried it and there were 4 doctors showing what appointments were available. Can it really be that easy? Our doctor is not included in the scheme.

So do I just try to claim an appointment or ask if they will takes us first, and, err what is DMP? :confused:

Dossier Medical Partage

Thank you Graham, glad I asked because I have never heard of it. :grinning:

Not sure if I should attempt a rdv and see what happens or if I have to ask if we can register before doing so.

Never changed in France before. We went on recommendation to our current doctor’s predecessor and had to start from scratch as our UK surgery refused point blank to supply any records. Didn’t seem to harm the treatment we got which has always been good.

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AFAIK you can make an appointment with another MT without issue… perhaps then at that RDV, if you are content with it, you could ask the MT whether he would be able to take you on board.

Thanks again, very helpful, I’ll try that.

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Thinking about it, the patient owns their medical record in France. IIRC the NHS “owns” the record in UK which is why it’s difficult sometimes to get notes released…

Not quite right I think. In both countries it is the medical professional who created the data that actually is the proprietor, but also in both countries the patient has a right to see and access their notes (unless and overwhelming medical reason why not)

Don’t bother remembering this David, as this system is no longer! It is now called mon espace santé!

There are a number of different appointment systems that doctors sign up to, so yours might actually be on one of them. Have you looked on or or santé.fr or

Often only registered patients can book online, amd new patients have to check with a human being first. Depends whether the practice is acceptimg new patients or not.

In France, all the medical notes dictated by the docteur at an RDV are copied to me as a matter of course.
In the UK, this was never the case.

I had the reverse experience, in the UK I got everything automatically. Here I have to ask!

We are looking at changing our doctor because we too have a 30k round trip, plus great difficulty parking, for which we have to pay.
Our previous doctor, who spoke excellent English, has just retired and his replacement has come from Lyon and brought her city attitude with her.
Obviously in Lyon nobody makes a 30 k round trip!
Our previous doctor would e mail a prescription to us, which she refused to do, even though I had been to see her twice for the same problem.
One of the antiobiotics she prescribed for me actually gave me tendinitis in my Achilles heel, which has kept me quite restricted for about a month. When I mentioned this she said nothing, whilst I felt that at east saying that she was sorry that had happened would have been polite.

Our MT will fax an ordinance direct to the pharmacie of our choice and I have the same experience with the hospital too.

Yes, she seems to have a bee in her bonnet about this and we have asked why and the answer we get from the secretaries is that she is not like our previous doctor!
We will still have to make a long round trip to any doctor we can find that suits us and will take us, but there are two we have in mind and they both have parking and one advertises that you can have a Zoom rendezvous with another doctor if you can get an appointment with your own doctor.
Much more helpful.

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Our doctor is on none of those and Maiea is not an appointment system at all but some outfit selling domaine names.

Best thing to do is ask at the reception of the nearest cabinet and see if any of the doctors are taking on new patients.

We were firmly told in UK that our medical records were the property of the head of practice and that he had the final say as to what was done with them. He was God and that was that. Even the local Health Authority could not countermand his decision. A letter to the BMA went unanswered.

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Maiia is the spelling you need, not that this might be anymore helpful, but at least the right website is a start! :see_no_evil::grin:

I had to pay to have a precis of my records to bring over with me when we moved to France.

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Thank you for the correction, went to the site and guess what? Our doctor’s name is at the top of the list. :joy:
Calm down dear, for both of the doctors there ‘rdvs online are unavailable at the moment’. :roll_eyes:

Just come back from the weekly supermarket shop and called in at the local surgery on my way back. There were four people ahead of me in a queue for the receptionist, who wasn’t there. I did wait a while but decided I will be passing again on Thursday (butcher, baker and veg market day) so will try again. Couldn’t see the point of waiting for ages only to be told no more registrations.

Edit: Of course they won’t be there on holiday Thursday, will they. :roll_eyes:


Hi All, we have been very happy with our MT but my problem was with my Medicine Interne (Consultant) she spoke far too fast for me and my wife who is fluent repeated things back to her to make sure we had understood, her response was a curt yes of course that is what I said.

I chatted to the nurses when I was in hospital and they told me they got together in threes to talk to her to compare notes and make sure they understood her instructions as she spoke so quickly for them ( and was very rude to them)

When I asked her if my treatment was really necessary she told me I either accepted it or I was not her patient, guess what I told her to take out the drip I was on and I was no longer her patient.

I changed hospitals and Consultants and have had two really nice (younger) Consultants who listen to my requests and talk about treatment options.

One of the first comments we got on changing Consultants was « We can take all of ****s patients » shows she had a reputation.

Our MT laughed as he had already told us she was »Une Femme une peux intense » Hé also went on to draw us a diagram of three interlocking circles one being the patient, the second medical knowledge and the third the Medical Consultant. Where the circles intersect should be the treatment, however his comment was in this area the older Consultants ignore the patient!!!

Regards Nick


I had an appointment with a neurologist who I thought was a total sh*t. Luckily it was a one off appointment just to verify nerve damage so no need for follow up since nothing to be done. However talking to friends here they both immediately said said “was it Dr X.?” I have learnt my lesson to ask friends before booking specialists next time !