Cheapest parcel companies between France and The UK

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I was wondering what parcel companies people used to send items back to The UK from France? I have booked one I saw on the internet called Ecoparcels.EU seemed quite reasonable at 19.00 EUR for 15kg. When my parents send parcels the other way it usually costs 20 quid for 20kg.

Parcels are priced by volume as well as weight so the price for 15kg might vary according to what the item actually is and how large.

I use Interparcel, though I have not used them between France and the UK, they use a range of couriers and you can choose which service.

The cheapest they offer for UK->France on a 15kg 50x40x30cm package is My Hermes 2-5 day service dropped off to one of their collection points. That is £16.50 (inclusive of VAT) - pretty much the same as your 19€

Going the other way all their offerings are ridiculous though.

Don’t forget you’ll need a CN22 post Brexit :frowning:

I use or And tend to choose the quote that’s Hermes of DPD/ chrono post as these seem the most reliable.

40x 40x 40cm parcel of 14kg last week was £13, arrived in 3 days.

I avoided parcel2go as I herad many, not complementary, comments regarding their service. Maybe they are better these days.

£13 is quite a bit less than MyHermes quote on their own website BTW

Avoid parceltogo at all cost! Horrendous experiences!

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I completely agree - they have no idea where the package is at any point - even when it has been delivered.

We received a clutch plate via Royal Mail £18 and planned to send the old one back via La Poste 18 euro… decided to keep the old plate and have it refurbished as a spare… :zipper_mouth_face::relaxed: but obviously Royal Mail and La Poste are about the same… :relaxed:

How bizarre. I have had nothing but good experiences using them to book a parcel delivery. But then you deal with whoever’s quote you chose as they are really just a portal… so perhaps it’s that that caused the problem? We now know that some firms subcontract the final leg of delivery to a local company that is useless - so we avoid those. Generally select ones that end up with chronopost or Hermes.

Double checked at it was actually £12.95…

We have just picked up our parcel from UK after posting it 2 months ago… hours of phone calls and stress.

I use Mondial Relay, cheap and rapid.

My daughter uses Parcel Monkey to send me stuff from the US and its very cheap compared to all the others but the downside is that delivery can take 6 weeks or me and end up going right around the world first so not ideal for perishables.