Chemical attacks

(Jane Williamson) #61

It really must be hard for you Helen.
It is bad enough that these terrible things happen but to be almost convinced that your country is responsible

(Graham Lees) #62

Totally different political structure to that of the US or UK. The president is effectively omnipotent…

(Helen Wright) #63

I love England and its’ people but I don’t have the same affection for the government…(I now find myself living in another country whose president has also just committed an act of aggression…doesn’t stop my affection for the people though…) x :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #64

The white helmets…

(Bill Morgan) #65

Madam is most upset with Her President, acting like a little Napoleon, not consulting Parliament before taking action.

(Timothy Cole) #66

Have to ask Helen, do you actually believe this drivel?

(Helen Wright) #67

In what way Tim…??? x :slight_smile:

(Timothy Cole) #68

Do you believe that the Salisbury attack was staged by the UK, do you believe the chemical attack was staged in part by the UK?

You say you love the French people but not Macron, do I take it you don’t love those that voted for him or support him?

(anon54681821) #69

what strikes me as hilarious is both people in the video keep looking to the side while talking and on the video saying thats me and neither could be seen properly one had back turned other had no head in view.

|I am sorry but this is yet another story that will draw away from any truth, it may have been fake but stories like this make it like the Russians and Syria is trying to cover it up.

(Graham Lees) #70

He doesn’t need to consult anyone before taking action… the president is effectively the King of France within the Constitution of the 5th Republic.

(Helen Wright) #71

The Swiss lab who analysed the samples from Salisbury handed to them by the OPCW said it was “BZ”…not produced in Russia or the Soviet Union but produced by U.K. US and other states…I don’t make any judgement about the way people vote…within my own family there are opposing views and lively discussion but it doesn’t affect loving each other…Do I believe it’s all theatre…??? Possibly…Do I believe it’s all about arms sales and oil…??? Possibly when you look at the plan for greater Israel and the illegal occupation of the golan heights and their selling of Syria’s oil rights…When we’re talking about chemical attacks I find it difficult to accept that documented proof of white phosphorous attacks on unarmed Gazans is swept under the carpet whilst no proof as yet of chemical weapons used by Assad elicits bombing by U.K. US and France…

(Helen Wright) #72

Lol…but the US and the U.K. are openly admitting that much of their evidence gathering is from “social media”…today I read a report that that the bombed Syrian chemical weapons depot was in fact a science lab where they make antidotes for snake bites…I also watched a video of an unarmed Gazan hit in the kneecap by an IDF sniper during the current great return protest…no doubting the authenticity…many dead…thousands injured…

(anon64436995) #73

Tim, do you really have to ask people what they believe when it is crystal clear from their posts that they do so believe, and explain why?

I don’t think you wanted or needed Helen’s answer to what was just a rhetorical question, asked in bad faith to make a patronising point.

Do you often ask people as a matter of course to tell you that they believe drivel, or just your close acquaintances?

(Chris Kite) #74

Views that go against the accepted norms are never popular. You wouldn’t believe the things people are saying about me since I joined the Flat Earth Society…

(anon54681821) #75

i heard your now seeing “straight” At least you can see them all coming now.

(Bill Morgan) #76

Maybe not Graham, but it’s a big step to take, and He has certainly lost Her confidence and support because of His action, and I would imagine a lot of other peoples!

(Chris Kite) #77

This is what the lab had to say,

Spiez Laboratory
Only OPCW can comment this assertion. But we can repeat what we stated 10 days ago: We have no doubt that Porton Down has identified Novichock. PD - like Spiez - is a designated lab of the OPCW. The standards in verification are so rigid that one can trust the findings. #Skipal

(anon64436995) #78

We should wait to have the reports on the scene of alleged crime by the specialist team from the UN, although the UK and US are claiming that all traces of chlorine gas will have been blown away in the wind or washed away by the rain.

Having done emergency medical work in combat zones under pressure I can categorically state that in my opinion those scenes of people being hosed down (no women victims seen by me) by ham-fisted men armed with batteries of fully-functioning hosepipe, and kids being squirted totally ineffectively with asthma inhalers, looked totally unconvincing, more Keystone Cops than anything else, and almost certainly staged. No excuse for such chaos and lack of any kind of medical oversight IMO.

(Helen Wright) #79

Craig Murray’s view on TM’s justification for an attack on a sovereign nation…

(anon64436995) #80

It’s dawning on me the the wag in Wagtastic has less to do with dog’s tails and more to with Harry’s mischievous mind :joy: