Chenilles processionnaire du pin 3 months early!

Yesterday I was called out to treat some chenilles processionnaire en procession. I’ve never seen them in November before, that’s 3 months early.

It’s just a word of warning to inspect your pine trees if you are still using your garden or have pets.

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Hello Robert

They look awful when in such a mass. What department/region are these in please ? I have never seen anything like it here in 23/36 borders ! :nauseated_face:

Sorry, yes, not so far from you, Allier (03) not far from Montluçon.


Robert have these emerged from the ground? If so does it mean that they may be killed by a severe frost?

We are in 37 and found that they survive very well. The nests can be carefully removed and burnt. I read that they can live 7years in the soil! We have seen the nests all along the autoroute going north this month. A result of global warming unfortunately. No one seems to be able to eradicate them here and even if you clear your trees those in the neighbourhood will repopulate very quickly. The trees do recover though.

Yes Robert that’s not so far, I have never seen this sort of infestation though, thank goodness. You obviously are the expert so when you mentioned pets does this mean that these are poisonous to them? Yes I know I can google it, but when I have you to hand, so to speak, I am taking advantage ! :wink:

Hi, no they have decended en masse from the pine tree. 3 months early. the fourth and final instar (moult) the caterpillars stop feeding, so I’m not sure how effective the bio treatment Foray 48b will be, but I also used a professional insecticide which seemed to have a good knock-down.

But as they have decended at the wrong time, hopefully the frost will get to them. It is unknown territory.

NH I’ve not heard about them living up to 7 years in the soil but will happily do some research.

Arial spraying along he autoroutes or forests by helicopter or aeropane was banned several years ago. The only alternative is a quad mouted machine or a otorised back pack sprayer, I have the latter but walking the length of the A71 doesn’t appeal!

Not heard of them survving several years in the soil, but anything is possible nowadays.

I read in one of the local French papers yesterday that they have also been spotted near Tourouvre on the edge of the Perche in the Orne.
Best check the trees when we get over!

Do they attack spruce trees as well as pine (we have 2 very large short needled spruce type trees)?emphasized text

Helllo Robert
Thanks for the info. We are in Montaigut. Didn’t know there were any other English in the area!

Hi, our rather strong Weimaraner girl almost died Christmas Eve two years ago. Only due to the fast help of our Vet all went well. So, yes, these things are very dangerous!

Hello Bernhard
Thank you for the information, it must have been a stressful time for you. Pleased to know that your pet recovered. Was she ‘bitten’ by them or did she try and eat them ?

I can only guess, that she tried to play with it. She lost a big part of her tongue, so the issue was can she continue drinking and eating. But all went fine.

Thank you Bernhard and thank you too Robert Moon for making us aware of this serious problem. I didn’t realise they could be so dangerous :frowning:

That’s where our home is situated, we will be living there permanently from February ‘18, I don’t think there are many fir trees :evergreen_tree: near our house, but good to know as we have two dogs

We only had 2 large fir trees, but after an infestation from our little fury friends we had the trees chopped down - I didnt want the risk near our dog.

I have just received news that Foray 48b will be banned in France from 1 May 2018. It distribution via helicopter was banned in 2014. Here’s the new kid on the block.

Comme nous le craignions, le produit FORAY48B n’a plus d’AMM biocide ; sur demande nous pourrons vous le proposer avec AMM phyto ou choisir le CONSERVE qui a un plus large spectre et utilisable en BIO.(Fiche Technique ci-joint)

Vous pouvez utiliser le FORAY48B amm biocide jusqu’au 1er mai 2018 (délai légal fin d’utilisation 6 mois après arrêt distribution)

ft-conserve.pdf (1.9 MB)


News update Foray 48b will no longer be available from 1 May 2018, although I can still use it up to the end of the year. It is too late to treat chenilles processionnaires with chemicals for this season as the caterpillars have stopped eating the needles and are getting ready to descend. It can be used to treat chenilles de pyrale du buis; First treatment should be effected March/April.

2017 was particularly warm and favourable for the chenilles and there are a lot out there. Below is a map of infested areas of chenilles processionnaire.

I have struck a deal with the manufacturers of the écopiège and am an official distributor of them. If you would like more information, please contact me!

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Chenille map

cool, nasty buggers they are. where are you located though Robert

Cher (18) but can post!

I’m thinking of doing a “Grand Tour” Limousin, Dordogne, Auvergne, Bourgoyne regarding cluster flies, woodworm, pyrale du buis in Early April, ideal time for all 3. I will arrange multiple visits in the same area which will keep travelling costs down, so 'ave a word with your neighbours!