Chenilles processionnaire du pin 3 months early!

Ecopiège catalogue.

Catalogue La Mésange Verte 2018.pdf (1.8 MB)

most of my neighbour resort to flaming crossbow bolts / arrows, javelins and lots of fuel… i’m the only immigrant round here there are few in the next village but they are more locals tham immigrants now that even they resort to arrows too

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@Rob_le_Pest How successful are these traps and are they difficult to install?

they look pretty simple. just a better looking trap than the cheaper ones

Check out the videos on the link I posted earlier. They are easy but a bit fiddly. It takes me about 15 mins. I have 18 to install at a client’s house next week, it should be a mornings work.

Is there insecticide in the sack - if not how do you kill them?

You burn them.

Back to a previous question, efficacy is down to your installation. You cannot guarantee 100% but if the first female goes in, you can usually guarantee the others will.

The leading caterpillar is always a female, the others follow either by touch or pheromone (it’s not been proven). If the female goes in the bag, the others will follow. By the way, there is more than one female in the nest.

You fill the plastic bag with dirt/leaves/needles, not too heavy that the bag splits, but enough for the chenilles to be interested. There are no insecticides or chemicals. The chenilles stay in the sack, pupate but can’t get out. The humidity in the sack will kill them.

Burning the bag is an option at the end of the season, but it is plastic and will give off toxic fumes. I’d take the bag off the tree, store it and reuse it the following year!

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and you could, presumably, empty the contents of the bag(s) onto a good bonfire, once you are sure the blighters are dead… just to make sure… and re-use the bags as you suggest. :grin: