Chickens land (or come home to roost) tomorrow 1/01/22

So as from tomorrow all imports from EU will need entry paperwork to uk, which accounts for 50% of all imports. Interesting to see how people there will react to reduction of items in the shops…probably significant for speciality foods and items from small EU exporters. Don’t think this was understood or wanted by the 51%…might now come as a shock.

There is another way to look at it, reducing imports can be good for a country’s economy. :wink:

Dig for Victory ! OK… slightly tongue in cheek… but surely Britain can be more selfsustaining…??? (actually, any country, come to that…)

Not if you are in the UK and want food and other niceties from regions of mainland Europe… still they voted for it…as I said chickens etc!

Britain has not been self sufficient in food production since the early 1800’s - that’s why we plundered half the world for our own gain and to the detriment of theirs.


Not when you have a government that makes trade deals which give better benefits to other farmers, eg Australia whilst introducing new payments which make farming much easier for larger enterprises and the tenant farmers and upland farmers have to struggle on again.
James Reebanks and Minette Batters spelled this out on a recent Today programme when James was a guest editor.


Rightly or wrongly the focus has always been on the economic effect to the UK but exporters in the EU will also suffer.

Perhaps UK needs to rediscover its own delicacies…

and leave the French goodies… for me … :rofl:


Slightly but nothing like the drop in UK. UK has lost 26 countries to trade with easily EU has lost just 1.

It was stated early on that BMW and VW etc simply would not allow what is about to happen actually happen as they need us more than we need them…

What an absolute mess, the sooner this is reversed the better.


Indeed - but not so much for the UK as a large proportion of it’s imports are components or ingredients that it needs for its own production - some for export.

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It may come as a surprise but so far imports from the EU have fallen more than exports going the other way, obviously Covid has had an impact yet you would have expected the reverse to happen.

Dig for victory!!! Unfortunately the average brit isn’t even prepared to pick the sprouts for their Christmas dinner. They now complain that they have to push a trolley around a supermarket because all the delivery slots have gone. I’m sorry to have to say it but ‘lazier and lazier’ is how they are getting. The ‘dig for victory’ spirit is long gone.
Bring back the bank manager and the pay packet.

Tim, the Australian trade deal gave Australian farmers everything they wanted and our farmers are left in absolute bewilderment.
That’s Liz Truss for you, no replacement for BoJo, she is just as bad.

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Do you live in Monbazillac?

Not sure what that’s got to do with EU exporters.

I think it is simply a matter of, the UK being outside the single market.
EU countries prefer to trade with each other inside the single market where there are no barriers to trade. They are less keen on trading with countries outside the single market because it is more hassle.

Yes, and you?

Could be they wanted to avoid the crowds in the supermarket due to Covid, Monbazillac.

Yes - coincidence!