Chip Fryer

Looks like my deep oil chip fryer is on the way out, looking for recommendations as to whether buy the same type again, fill it up with 3 ltrs of oil, and is differcult to clean properly, but makes lovely chips or whether to spend a bit more and buy one of those new fangled ones that uses hardly any oil.

Or just buy oven chips?

How many can those things do at a time though?!

Get an air fryer!

They look great!

No No No. oven chips do not taste the same


I’ve been looking at the air fryers and have gone gaga trying to decide which one is best, don’t want to spend a fortune

I wonder in the 70 euro one is as good as the Phillips

We were given a Philips Air Fryer by my wife’s parents as they didn’t use it. We used it once… says it all really.

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I love this one - works great and useful for loads of things!

Not certain about the review ??

LOL don’t buy it then Ann!! As I said - I love it :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s the link to the good old Amazon UK site - maybe more palatable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t mind where I buy it Simon, but meant the review on amazon france was strange, why would they sell it if it can’t be used in France

No idea Ann - that’s where I bought mine and it works just fine. :roll_eyes:

Actually Ann - please don’t buy it !! :wink:

My sil has an air fryer. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is but nothing beats old fashioned chips done in a chip pan.


Nothing beats chips cooked by someone else ! :wink:


I’ve not used a fryer for around 40 years. We have oven chips or chippy-potatoes cooked in the frying pan.

However, nothing beats the delicious hand-cut deep- fried chips from a nearby restaurant. Absolutely yummy :hugs:


I never make chips now but I’m very tempted to do so for tomorrow’s tea.

I used to buy cheap ones on special offer and would just replace them when they became too difficult to clean, usually after a couple of years or so.

I know that sounds wasteful but nothing beats the taste of crispy fried chips and hubby loved and adored his chips.

Having had an expensive one and several cheap ones there really was very little difference. After all they just heat oil to a specified temperature, hardly rocket science.


Think I will do the same Mandy, this one has lasted about 4 years, just won’t heat up properly anymore.
Do love my chicken curry and chips and it’s not the same with oven ones