Christmas cheer

Hello everyone,
Just a short message to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
Hoping you are all getting ready and that you are looking forward to the festive season.
It’s a time to put all worries behind us, a time to appreciate our families and the grandchildren of course.
A time of peace, a time to really enjoy being together after the year that we have all had.
I have particularly enjoyed preparing for this years Christmas as I have missed out on watching the grandchildren grow, especially our little Ivy who was born in February just before the first lockdown, then I have Lucas who is going to be 3 soon. Missed a year of him growing, talking etc…
the my Colleene who is now 10 years old … wow :open_mouth: where did that time go? Turning into a young lady now and I missed the last year of a child lol lol :joy:, they mature so much more than we did at their age.
The presents are under the tree, the food is being prepared already by my other half :joy::blush: yep… he is a chef . So lucky I get to be the taster for his new recipes :open_mouth: how lucky am I.
Just wondering if anyone wants to play.
If I post on line to you the menu that we will be having in French.
My husband does not do a typical menu. It’s a guessing game, every year they get the menu on the table and have to guess what they will be eating.
If anyone wants to play, let me know :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush: it’s just a little fun.
Be happy be safe for Christmas
Hugs :hugs:
Anne Marie


Une mise en bouche de bienvenue aux tintements de la mappemonde
Le seigneur International grand complice de tous les chutneys.
Le noyau du monde revisité pour l’occasion avec un léger accent Britannique.
Un interlude en coque givrée d’origine Asiatique
La grande râleuse préférée d’Amérique entourée de ses G-I
Lés agréables senteur de France accompagnés de quelques unions Européennes.
Le petit péché mignon du Père Noël et ses lutins de Laponie
L’incontournable valse des bouchons champenois
La saveur authentique du Roi d’Afrique suivi de sa cour

Bon Appétit et Joyeux Noël à vous tous



Is there some American in you? As i wonder if the the amuse bûche are based on bell peppers, which is a more American name?

After that perhaps seignemartin? But odd to have cheese as an entrée?

No idea about the next…

Then something with tiger prawns?

Then something out of a trash can!!! Only thing I can think of is Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, and he lives in a dustbin…

No idea about the next

Then maybe scallops and prawns

No idea about champagne corks…come from oaks, and oaks have oak apples, so maybe something with an apple or apple shaped?

And then something about Flavour, the nigerian singer who calls himself a king of africa - coconut and plantain? You surely wouldn’t serve fufu?

But sounds like a fun meal. Reminds me a bit of the huge dinner party we had for new year’s eve 2000 when everyone was given a country and had to bring something related to that country and the idea was to eat it as the new millenium dawned in that country…

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No no perfectly British lol. Hubby is French, he lived in the Ukraine for 12 years
You are totally wrong lol lol :joy:
I will be putting up the answers later if I have more replies
Thank you very much for trying though .


Sorry uk not Ukraine lol lol

Well I did think eating a bright green stuffed puppet would be a bit weird!

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That sounds like fun.
I like that idea to bring new year in with other countries.
Hhhmmm food for thought there :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

How about some music as well?

WoW :open_mouth: that was really lovely
Many thanks
Wishing you a Merry Christmas :gift::christmas_tree: too

Every year now I put ‘Dad Jokes’ in the family’s stockings - in home-made crackers if I have time. Here are last year’s (I was obviously feeling very political)…

Why does Donald Trump have his Christmas dinner on a plastic plate?
Because he doesn’t like China.

Why is christmas dinner like Brexit?
Half the family were told they needed to make room for Turkey, so left Brussels.

Why did Mum stop Santa coming down the sooty chimney?
Because he left carbon footprints.

Why is Greta Thunberg boycotting parsnips and carrots at Christmas?
Because she’s a swede-dish activist.

What’s the difference between Rudolph’s nose and David Cameron’s autobiography?
Rudolph’s nose will be red at Christmas.


Cracker :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Very very good :joy::joy::joy::joy:

How long did this take to set up

They’re mormons so could call on lots of help…

I read morons! I thought that was a tad sharp of Jane! :upside_down_face:


Isn’t this directed to me :joy::blush:

Apologies is this question directed to me? :blush::joy::blush:

A French Chef? Lucky you, Would love to know the menu. Thank you. I can’t pluck up the courage for snails, foie gras, frogs legs or oysters so have ended up yet again with turkey and pork. We make our own stuffing. My late mother in law a silver service waitress refused to say stuffing - so vulgar - she called it seasoning. In memory of her I will call it farce in future. I’m one of the lucky ones. The year hasn’t been much different for me. I am a writer ergo une hermite but my heart goes out to all those who want to be together and can’t. I teared up listening to one story on Radio 4 yesterday. The student in London was all packed to see her Mum in Ireland when Boris aka Benny Hill dropped his bombshell and said she must unpack.

I congratulate you on avoiding foie gras… I’m not particularly squeamish and do eat meat, but the production process is just so awful! Oysters take some skill to open neatly so prob not worth it.

Snails you can buy ready stuffed and pop under the grill/in the oven. Frogs legs use as chicken (but proportionally less cooking of course).

Instead, tho’ our nod to a french Noël is to get mini- bûches which are so much lighter than a christmas pud.

Wish we were Mormons :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Unfortunately not. The hubby will be cooking from Wednesday onwards.
The wife will be cleaning, preparing beds, going shopping, visiting friends.
The wife (me) will definitely not be in the kitchen :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: unless it’s to pour a glass of wine :wine_glass: of course !!!
Oh come on… what’s the point in having a French chef, who lived in the UK for 12 years, so I get the French, English food. Very happy lady :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
He is so organized, washes up as he goes too :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: