Christmas Countdown 2019

Have you started your Chrismassy things yet… ??

Our house is filled with the wonderfully spicy aroma of “mincemeat slice”. A firm favourite with us and all our neighbours. I shall have to make several batches so that there is enough to go round (several times).

I have found that it freezes well and leave it in one slab, waiting until it is defrosted before cutting it into portions… :upside_down_face:

Mmmm… roll on Christmas… my mouth is watering at the thought… :hugs:

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Sorry to be a kill-joy, but I spend Christmas on my own again, so nothing special here, just a normal day really. I might buy a nice bit of steak for dinner but that’s it for me :slight_smile:

Having a nice bit of steak - sounds great to me… :hugs:

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I thought the “C” word was prohibited…
or am I thinking of another ?

Presents bought and wrapped, cards written and house trimmed up. Will be in the UK next week (funeral, shopping and visiting family etc), Christmas Eve with two of the kids with a third joining us for Christmas Day (turkey crown with the usual British trimmings) and that’s Christmas done for another year.

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Now then Bob… … it is only a couple of weeks to go… :hugs: so it is OK to talk about Christmas… :wink: :hugs:

How lovely having family visiting… :hugs: (sorry about the funeral)

We shall be skyping and singing carols (eg while shepherds washed their socks by night ) over the internet… always ends up with lots of giggles and laughter… but not the same as actually being able to hug one another…

Well the smoke detectors need testing, I always set them off when I use my griddle pans

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Bob, no one mentioned Boris Johnston


I’m still in England, can’t get back for at least another week , so absolutely nothing done yet. Might be cancelled at chez nous this year.

Take care Mark… and get back safely as and when you can… :relaxed:

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I’m still knitting like mad to finish a dress for my daughter in UK.


How lovely Jane… Mother in Law knitted me a skirt and top for one Christmas (just realised how many years ago). Black and silver yarn, simple pleated skirt and a long-sleeved top with a cable pattern on the front.

Mmm… I’ve changed shape slightly (French cuisine), so I don’t wear the skirt now… but the top is still going strong.

I’m sure your daughter equally treasures your gifts… handmade with love MiLaw used to say… :hugs:

The absolute dread of having to wear grannies home made Christmas jumper, complete with snowman/reindeer/Xmas pud etc on it, all bleeding day. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :open_mouth:


Ha ha… thankfully we never suffered that indignity… although, the other day I did rather alarm OH when I cheerfully pointed out a christimassy monstrosity … in his size… :crazy_face:

(My gran was no knitter… but one Christmas she gave me a bolero she had knitted herself… pale blue with embroidered ballerinas on it… I adored it because I loved dancing (exercise post polio), but also because she had gone to all that trouble for me (wow) … I still had it when we got here to France but I can no longer wear it… of course)

This is a french pattern and the translation is appalling.
It has a central cable pattern, front and back, and it is a synthetic yarn, which I normally never use, and which is very difficult to pull back.
I will be glad to see it in the post.


Do you send Christmas Cards ???

We send to daughter and grandson… but that is it nowadays…

Some years ago we made a decision to give a donation to local charities instead… which does seem more in keeping with the spirit of Christmas… and Good King Wenceslas… :hugs:

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The obligation to send cards drives me mad and is a total waste of money.

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We used to send cards to elderly relatives, whom we rarely saw… and they not only enjoyed receiving the traditional greeting… but also the enclosed letter detailing our latest adventures. :rofl: However, those folk are all gone now… :relaxed:

Since living in France I no longer feel obliged to send Xmas cards.
But what I do regularly use and send are free e-cards.
So simple to use, choose card (many are animated) confirm yours and recipients email address, then add your name and message and send.