Chronopost can't find my address...!

I waited for a Chronopost delivery today and followed the van’s progress on their online map. I waited until the van on the map was close to chez moi, went outside, but no sign of the van. Gone! Toute Suite!

The chemin that leads to my house is shown on GPS or Google Maps as being the next chemin away from me – the name of my chemin is not shown. The driver couldn’t find my address, had phoned me, but I was waiting outside the house and didn’t know the phone was ringing! This is the second time that a driver couldn’t find my house because of a GPS or Google Maps error.

The van wasn’t very far away so I rang the driver’s number but all I got was a recorded message saying contact Chronopost’s website. I changed the delivery date to tomorrow.

Anyone know how I can get my address shown and in the correct place on GPS or Google Maps or wherever?

That’s really annoying!

There is some info here about how to add a missing place to Google Maps:

I have my business listed on GM so that’s straightforward. If you have a business at your home address, go here:

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Thank you, that was easy!

Bloody chronopost! I’m currently sat in thier depot in Brive. My mums case got left in Paris on Friday and put on the later flight. We were told it would be delivered Monday. Yesterday got told today 8-13h so mum got up early to wait. Wasn’t unit later we checked and they couldn’t deliver until tomorrow. Problem being mum flys to Prague tomorrow and all her clothes ect are in there! Took an hour to get through to the help line and eventually they said bag here and they’d message to say to get it to reception for us. Arrived and they don’t know where it is, they think it’s on a van somewhere :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes: . Was hoping to be meeting @AngelaR for a coffee or something but instead sat here thirsty and no loo!!! :rage:

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Oh no!!! How rotten. Hope it all gets sorted ASAP and you find a loo.

Thanks Sue, they eventually found it! Just home, need to prep for tomorrows classes and start dinner, what a waste of the whole day!!!


Awfully annoying when you wait for something that doesn’t arrive. I had something due today, to be delivered by la poste - according to mesg recvd and their app tracking. Was itching to get out hiking, despite the heat, but waited………and waited………and waited! Still not here and guess it wont be now. As they say here, there’s always tomorrow :sunglasses:

Nobody seems to have trouble finding my address, but, as the boite is up the lane a little from the entrance, I decided to give them a helping hand.

Our old boite rusted away but the door was still in good nick with our name plainly visible in the little slot. Some years ago I bought a new box which had no name slot so left the old one in position, buried in the hedge, and mounted the new one on top. Then I carefully placed the old door on top of that and always made sure that it was securely held by the surrounding branches and clearly visible.

The other day, on visiting the boite to check for mail I discovered that the old door, with our name on, was gone. Who on earth would want to nick an old letterbox door with someone else’s name on? :astonished: :roll_eyes:

Poor you how ghastly and poor mother without her case - I had tea with @AngelaR though :wink:


It’s your long-lost criminal twin, Albert “Moriarty” Spardo. :slight_smile:

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I’ve received an email this evening from Chronopost saying that I will receive an email or SMS message within 24 hours giving me the address of ‘un relais Pickup’ where I can collect my parcel once it is ready to be picked up.

They are trying their best.

I collected stamps as a boy – maybe someone collects vintage post box doors…

No they’re not trying. This is vintage Chronopost. They are well known to be the worst delivery service in France. I’m sure there’s someone in the Alpes-Maritimes that likes them, and maybe someone in the Jura, but that’s about it.

Basically Chronopost will do anything they can, not to deliver. The real peak of this is any 1st week of school holidays which kicks off the Chronopost Delivery Avoidance Scheme. Then through the school holidays you get a high chance of failure after failure to deliver. They really only want to deliver to a relais and not to an address and will do anything they can to do that.

Guess which week this is…

Such as 3 failures, or at least 3 recorded failures by them, which may include their own failure to have a delivery driver to do a run covering your address at all, 3 failures and they will choose their own preferred relais to leave your parcel. So you or the vendor paid for delivery, but they don’t want to deliver.

A relais is often a Post Office or a business serving as a Post Office (eg a dépôt) and as Chronopost is the original Parcelforce of La Poste, their drivers have to pick up or drop multiple parcels at relais every day. So of course any lie or excuse or staff shortage (eg kids’ vacation time due holidays of drivers) and Chronopost will do anything it can to deliver your parcel at a relais as they’re already going there. That way they get you to do their work for them, you have to go pick it up instead of them delivering

I’ve had an intensive 2 years+ of multiple deliveries per week and month from Chronopost and a few other companies so I know of what I speak. (I’ve commented on other threads from time to time on some of the incidents.)

I think you’re being too nice Bonzocat :slight_smile:


PS I suggest you dial Chronopost from 8am tomorrow on 09 69 39 13 91 as they’re now closed for today. Give them the parcel reference and say suite a leur échec de livraison (though I now say say suite à votre manque de fournir la livraison confirmée etc, as échec could be your fault or theirs but votre manque de fournir keeps it clearly theirs).
and arrange another date for delivery.

If you land with a robot when calling do your best to choose “conseiller” (agent) option asap or just say “conseiller” in answer to anything first as at some point it will work and you will get a human.

Better would have been to catch them today, as one attempt is not usually viewed as enough to force a delivery to a relais instead of them actually delivering, but if they’re playing fair a call tomorrow should still work.

Maybe all the drivers are at home ramping it up before the footie today :grin:

1st week of school holidays.

Always a disaster for Brive Depot staffing as well as kicking off many of their most entertaining episodes of non-delivery. Or rather, series’es of repeated episodes of non-delivery on the same parcel, for days on end day after day.

@toryroo was lucky to get out of there with any result at all. From one vendor they actually had to refund my second last order to the vendor, about 50 euros. Having lied for a month that they hadn’t lost it then finally admitting they had.

And the very last order from this same vendor they also had to refund the cost of to the vendor, about 80.euro. It seemed they simply didn’t have anyone to deliver, went through multiple days of failure to deliver etc., and eventually booked it as lost. So they had to compensate the declared value back to the vendor. Even though it was obvious they had the parcel and knew exactly where it was. They just didn’t want to deliver to the far reaches of their delivery terrain for a private address delivery with short resources, so they chose deliveries to their packed commercial clients such as the businesses at Malemort next to Brive Depot.

I got refunded for those cases. But there’s never any compo in France for stress and days wasted that they put you through. Plus most of the items Chronopost couldn’t be a$$ed to provide the paid delivery for, had sold out or were no longer available so could not be replaced.

Not quite, I have never had a problem with Cronopost.
Hope I haven’t spooked my luck!

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I had a delivery (not Chronopost) recently which didn’t arrive, while I was waiting, and I had a phone call – but I don’t answer the phone any more because of so many unwanted bothersome phone calls.

The driver had stopped at the tarmac road junction where the stone chemin to my house starts, but didn’t turn into the chemin. She called me from the tarmac road – I didn’t answer the phone - and she drove away. I rang the phone number recorded in my phone and it was her home number and lived locally. We arranged delivery for the same day. A bit of luck!

I think the Chronopost driver did the same thing – didn’t want to get out of the van to have a quick shufty along the chemin. There is only one house, mine, just 20 metres or so along the chemin. The driver couldn’t be bothered to go look, or couldn’t be bothered to walk the 20 metres to my house! Easier to stay in the van and make a phone call.

… and @ChrisMann . Well I just hope that Albert got his hands scratched to buggery prising it out of that hedge. :laughing:

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Chronopost informed me by email yesterday evening that my parcel will be dropped off at a relais Pickup. I opened Chronopost’s online map this morning and asked its wizard – Léonard en Ligne – where and when my parcel will be delivered.

Answer – it’s on its way and will arrive at my place between midday & 1pm today.

I hope so! I shall be waiting!

chronopost Léonard en ligne