Chronopost can't find my address...!

I have 3 items due from Amazon tomorrow, not sure if they are via Chronopost, but I haven’t had a problem with them before.

BTW, one of them is bags for picking up after the dogs which I now have to buy since Auchan changed from suitable plastic to paper, and I was wondering how to phrase it for Amazon. So put ‘dogshitbags’ and zoom, straight to them. :joy:

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Ahem…Easier for Chronopost’s driver to stay in the van, anywhere, and make a quick call “to locate the address” etc. Whilst looking through their vehicle window at the street sign even… or being far away.

They know that even if you’re ready and waiting for your delivery, there’s a good chance you might be on the phone / in the bathroom / feeding the cat / conducting a mouse you’ve caught outside [that one’s for you Bonzocat :slight_smile: ] / answering the door to another delivery.

So a good chance you won’t answer the telephone. But they can count that as a “delivery attempt” that failed not due to their fault, which is the name of their game.

Chronopost’s own drivers are likely to pull this one and let the phone barely ring, because they do not want you to answer according to the rules of the Chronopost Delivery Avoidance Scheme. If it’s a subcontractor delivering they may make more effort. I tip their regular subcontractor at Christmas as well as La Poste. Because here if Chronopost does deliver when they’ve confirmed they will without any issue, usually it’s because a subcontractor or La Poste is doing their work for them.

Their phones are programmed never to accept a call even if they hung up before getting through or just after it partially does 1 ring (ie just enough to show they made a call). Even if you called the number back within 2 seconds.

I’m glad you got to them in time and looks like you will get your delivery.

I’ve had some deliveries from Amazon directed towards a relai Pickup in a nearby village tabac store. I found that to be very reliable and saves me from waiting at home. An email arrives to say that a parcel is ready to be collected, and off I go with the mini-iPad, with a QR code displayed, to ID myself and the parcel.
Simples! Much more convenient.

Just picked up my other delivery, battery operated secateurs. Amazingly strong and effortless, and very useful. Got so much pruning to do, having let both my gardens go wild this year.

Amazon uses Colissimo for deliveries to France from at least France or Germany currently so far as I can tell. So your normal postman should deliver (unless you’ve Amazon Prime -when a driver would deliver).

From the UK to France it’s likely it will be allocated to DPD by Amazon UK sending. Unfortunately since around the beginning of March any incoming ‘international’ delivery DPD gets in France , is turned over to Chronopost. Disaster.

German Amazon deliveries to France also fell into the hands of Chronopost, for a period during part of the past 1-2 years. It seemed DPD Germany was also obliged to turn deliveries to France over to Chronopost. Perhaps German Amazon got tired of dealing with complaints. Because my German Amazon deliveries now seem to be given to the German Post which gives them to La Poste and they are delivered by our post lady under Colissimo.

A pity as I have used DPD in 4 countries, and they are my favourite, though I understand there are some parts of France where receivers are less happy.

I got my delivery, but not at my house, despite Chronopost saying it would be delivered to me. I followed the van’s progress on-line and it stopped at the relai Pickup I have used in the past, a tabac in a nearby village. I was there earlier this morning to pick up another parcel. I shan’t bother to have anything delivered to my house anymore - much easier to use the local tabac!

If the Delivery is supposed to be to my address… I ignore all SMS’s advising me to nominate a Relais “if you’re going to be out when we try to deliver”…

and, on one occasion when I got an actual person asking if I’d accept the Relais rather than my home… I explained that I was unable to get out of the house (true at the time) and badly needed the delivery… !!! It came a short while later … no problem… and when he saw my leg in plaster I hope the chap felt just a little ashamed.

What three words ?

In other words the Chronopost Delivery Avoidance Program has succeeded, and will succeed again in your case.

My parcel arrived & I collected it from the relais Pickup, where I’ve had parcels delivered before, but in this case I received no email from Chronopost with a QR code. I had to use screen-shots from Amazon and Chronopost to assure the tabac lady that she had my parcel which I was entitled to collect. I had enough info to show her, but a QR code would have been more useful.

Yeah perhaps in the case of Chronopost drivers and their deliveries yesterday, it was a case of je m’en footisme. (spelling mistake deliberate :grinning:)

Finally arrived today with a very smiley delivery lady - amazing what difference a smile makes :grin:


Good luck with that Gunga Din!

My road allegedly changed it’s name over 50 years ago. It still shows up as the old road name on Google Maps (GM) despite writing to them dozens of times. UPS still rely on GM and I have had several packages sent back, sometimes overseas, because they can’t [be bothered to] find my address.

The safest option is to make sure that they have your mobile number and “Special Instructions”.

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My house is pinpointed correctly in the right place on Google Earth, but the chemin is currently nameless.

I opened Google Maps and searched for my address. A map opens up showing my locality. Then I clicked on ‘suggest an edit’ to ‘fix a missing address’. I was then able to click on the map and pinpoint/ highlight my chemin (without a name) and wrote in the name. And on that particular map I put right an adjacent chemin which was wrongly named, and then I clicked on ‘send’ to Google.

If that’s what you did, and nothing changed, then I will be in the same boat!

Exactement! Been trying for 18 years.

I’ve reported a few things as well. Including a roundabout on Google Maps that doesn’t exist, and isn’t on Google Street View. Nothing changed.

DPD used to be my favourite too but I have just had a nightmare over a parcel sent by my daughter in the UK to me here in France. DPD charged me £30 for express 2-day shipping. Then before the parcel left the UK they handed it over to Aramex, a firm I had never heard of who are big in the Middle East and Australia (where apparently there is a petition to get them banned). It took Aramex four days to get the package to France and then I noticed from their tracking that they had the wrong address for me even though DPD’s handover gave them the correct one - they had a completely different village 20 minutes away as my address! Aramex have NO customer service and NO way of contacting them other than a chat bot. Then suddenly UPS appeared in cahoots with Aramex and demanded another €36 before they would deliver, saying that it was their handling charge. I had no choice but to pay it online because nothing would move forward unless I did. Thankfully the UPS website, once I had paid their fee, allowed me to select a relais point for delivery to get around the incorrect address. Then on delivery day I got an email from Amarex/UPS saying they couldn’t deliver to my chosen relais point, from their own list, and I must select an alternative. WTF? Finally, the package arrived at the second choice relais point, 6 days late. I know I should complain to someone, somewhere, about the time taken for what should have been a 2-day delivery and for the usurious extra charge, but I have almost lost the will to live. In future I shall be checking whether Aramex is involved anywhere in my shipping logistics so as not to touch them with a barge pole. A look at TrustPilot’s reviews of Aramex is interesting.

How awful.

UPS charges are expensive and I’ve had my own similar delay and runaround like yours on an important package with them from the UK earlier this year. UPS used to be excellent for me over several years. But now they seem to have handed over to a local contractor that used to work for Chronopost. Nuff said.

This might have been what happened to your shipment… a subcontractor delivering, which often seems to lower performance and increase aggro timewasting and stress.

Btw apparently since around late February/early March, at least, this year, I was told that if a package is sent by DPD from the UK to France, it will be delivered by Chronopost. (They are under same ownership now, or something similar, at least in France. I suspect Chronopost is so desperate for business they’ve grabbed the business off DPD, and DPD has no choice.) So it’s interesting that somehow UPS got involved with yours.

I have been treated very generously by Amazon, who had sent using DPD from the UK, this year on 2 separate orders when delivery was the usual Chronopost clvster*v**. It will take some months for Amazon to gather their statistics. But I will be quite surprised if DPD keeps the contract if this arrangement stays. ISTR DPD in Germany did something similar that handed their deliveries in France to Chronopost a couple of years ago… And now the German businesses I use don’t seem to use DPD anymore. Stuff, comes by Colissimo instead, which works.

Your complaint is to DPD in the UK if that’s who you sent with. Their problems with their partners or subcontractors are not your concern. Factually it arrived much later than it should have with x problems caused to you without any good reason. Why not raise a complaint and request 50% of the shipping costs back? It will be on their website otherwise call them.

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