Class Action to Keep EU Citizenship

This will be of interest to all of you who want to retain your EU citizenship.

That was back in January. Here is the latest -

There is still time to make a small contribution to help fund this action if European citizenship is important to you.

Thanks for the update and I have, indeed, contributed and would urge others to do the same.
This would be a landmark decision for all UK citizens now living in the EU.


I thought the action had been rejected on the basics that the plaintiff did not have standing.


I just added this delightful picture as a sneaky way of bringing this topic back to the top of the list.
I think it would be wonderful to be able to have permanent European status that no stupid politician could ever take away from me. To me, that is freedom.
Doesn’t anyone else have an opinion on this?

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It would be great, if it were ever to happen (without too many hoops to jump through :thinking:)

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I agree… not being european means unable to register on the E Roll… and means I can’t be co-opted onto some of the things I would like to be involved in…
thankfully, not everything is quite so stringent… so I can still continue with my favourite “Lire et faire lire…” :hugs: with the kids…

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I think perhaps Mike that we are among the few that actually get up and do something positive.
I know people here that moan and when I actually put information in front of them just give up and say it won’t change anything. Just damned lazy.

I spent my infant nights in an Anderson shelter, being bombed by the Luftwaffe.
Today, Europe is the safest, freest, fairest continent in the entire world.
The UK has clearly shown that it has no further interest in the welfare of expats and has cast us adrift in an uncertain future.
Europe can give us an identity, a sense of belonging, and a chance to be part of a wonderful, humanitarian project.
It seems to me that this is our last chance to save something good out of all this mess. No point in looking across the Channel for help.


Or here it seems to a very large degree.
I totally agree with your sentiments, but I am worried to some degree that Europe did not come together more to fight Covid and with the very right wing leadership in some of the old Eastern Bloc countries.
I was looking to Europe to form a strong third government to ameliorate the differences between the USA and Russia.
Now, of course, we are facing a more distinct threat from China with its Belt and Road policies and threatening Australia with trade sanctions because it wants an enquiry into the origin of Covid.
Wherever there has been an outbreak of a lethal disease such as typhoid, SARS etc. there must be an investigation so that we can put right the cause of the problem and not make the same mistake again.
It says to me that China is more worried than being criticised for not making the rest of the world aware of what was happening in WuHan sooner.

OK, found a bit more info - that was the “Price case” - there are some others as well including Schindler (which is the one about votes if out of the UK > 15 years) and “Silver” which is the one referred to in this thread.

There’s a further Twitter thread by Steve Peers covering all three


Who is the person who likes this?
Who are the two people who like the second post, they had better keep out of my way?

Inevitably the “like” mechanism is a blunt tool - it is perfectly possible and logical to “like” a post which provides a link to further (useful) information even if you are not wild about the information provided.

I don’t know how you can stay so calm.

Simple - none of these actions have a snowball in Hell’s chance of achieving anything - though if they do I’ll happily stand in line for my certificate of EU citizenship and EU passport.

In particular annulling the WA - which I think is what Schindler is trying to do - would be a pyrrhic victory because it would not annul the withdrawal itself.

As for “EU Citizenship” - it originates in the Maastricht Treaty which says:

So, not a national of an EU member state (as in the UK, arguably now, but certainly after Dec 31) = not an EU citizen.

None of the treaties really have much provision for what happens when a member state leaves - I think probably no-one thought it would happen - even Lisbon, which corrects that a bit via A50, provides very little detail. Again even if anyone gave it much thought at the time I am sure there was an element of “won’t happen and if it does we’ll work it out on the fly” going on.

But at least I won’t have to hang my head in shame when asked “What did you do in the Brexit, Grandpa?”


I assume that you donated to support one of the actions.

I voted Remain, marched on the streets, signed petitions, voted tactically , financially support the Liberals, the “Good Law Project” and make regular donations to my local food bank as I am sure the twin effects of Covid and Brexit will make it hard for many families to put food on the table.

Short of taking up arms or standing for office myself (though I doubt I’d be able to persuade any sensible party to let me stand as their candidate) I am not sure what else I can do

But it won’t be to hang my head in shame.


This is what people seem not to understand with the TFEU. The rights stem from membership by the nation to the EU club of which you are a national. If the nation member state of which you are national goes and shoots itself in the head, and collaterally damaging some of its own nationals by leaving the club, then there’s not a great deal to be done about it at the level of EU law.

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