Classic VW Mechanic or Garage wanted in Aude (11)

HI everyone, we have recently moved over and are having problems with our classic VW campervan.

We are living just East of Carcassonne in Marseillette and are looking for a specialist classic VW mechanic or garage that can help us.

If anyone knows of someone or somewhere, please give me a shout.

You can also mail me direct

Many thanks


David, thanks for that. Unfortunately tghese days mechanics mostly just hook cars up to computers to tell them what is wrong and that is not possible with a 45 year old vehicle.

I have already had one "modern" garage take the van in then tell me they cannot fix it.

They can all change a distributor or carb but when it comes to real mechanics it becoems a bit more specialist for them!

Thanks though!

Without wishing to seem unsympathetic. It's a VW, Any competent garagiste ie. any garagiste in france should be able to help.

Hi Ian, I would suggest posing this question in the Languedoc group:

Really, no one can help me with this?