Classifieds - where do you buy & sell?

Where do you buy and sell stuff? We use Le Bon Coin a lot but I wonder if there is room in the market for an SFN classifieds section. Do you think you would use it?

Readers seem to be fairly widely spread, so it would only work for small (or very expensive) items. I bought my car via LBC from 50km away, but that was about the limit of how far I was prepared to go. So you would probably end up with a sort of mini eBay, with people buying on trust by post. Would you want to get involved if there are disputes? Could be a lot of hassle.
I buy a lot of things online, eBay, Amazon, ABEbooks, Ubaldi and (never again) Cdiscount. I don't normally sell things, because I try to buy carefully, buy the cheapest that will do the job and run it into the ground. Anything that is still useful mostly goes to charity sales.
I sometimes visit vide greniers despite knowing that I will come away with no more than a feeling of suicidal depression!

Don’t you have a partnership with Rootstock Ads or has that fallen by the wayside? I for one use A I as it’s local. However we also use a Departmental Facebook Page which seems to work quite well. .

Please can you post links to classified as sites that you use, wherever they may be based and even if you have a vested interest? I'm looking for a platform that will suit SFN Classifieds, looks like it's something that we should at least explore.


I have used AI and it is the only reason I keep my membership with them I have bought and sold a car very successfully there. I would rather do it here next time.

Quite a good representation from 16/86/87 combined

Or the creuse! (23)

I use AngloInfo, for buying, selling and giveaways (freecycling) Always had good results. You would need to offer searches by area as other posters have said. Not sure if there are many SFN members from Brittany??

I've used leboncoin and paruvendu to sell and buy stuff. I would only use SFN (or Rootstock) to sell stuff that only an expat might want.

I am not sure. We buy from classifieds quite a lot but the competition is stiff. Pricing of used goods is sometimes only marginally less than discounted new, whereby we get the warranty and often free and uncomplicated delivery as well. We use Leboncoin a bit but often things are not what they seem, so driving half an hour to be disappointed or finding something is highly overpriced is gradually putting us off.

It works because Priceminster is part of Rakuten which is a global Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company with HQ in Tokyo where all sales through them are overseen. All complaints are fed back there unlike those that operate from within Europe only. I have never had any problem buying through them and have had some excellent discounts.

I always use the local freebie papers like Charentais Annonces 16 & Le 87 as I find the majority of people don't want to have to travel very far to look over/pick up the goods.

I don't know if a nationwide CA would work within the vast SFN community unless it could somehow be 'regionalised'.

Definitely a good idea. We have been on the fringe of a localish site which is always busy. When buying we just use it as an excuse to explore and have recently sold fridge, wardrobe and car during our move, within 24 hrs. (dronne valley network)

I always use AngloInfo where you can add things for sale for free. We have had a good response.

James, Yes i do, It would be good for the member. Anglo info, there are thousands advertising and items are left on there for ages, and people forget to let viewers know if the items are sold or not.

I think a nice buy and sell would be good with good items not rubbish.

Look forward to seeing this,

Yes please.

Yes. Could be useful

I think it would be a good thing to have on here, we would certainly make use of it, both to buy and sell. We also use Le Bon Coin, and sometimes Priceminister but not as much.

Used Anglo Info a few times- one has to bear in mind travel distances are sometimes very great!

just had a look Danielle. Excellent!! Thank you! I have a couple of things sitting around I needed to get rid of and will give this a go. You are right, I miss Freecycle too. I used to be a moderator for my local group in the UK and I gave away hundreds of pounds of stuff when I left to come to France. Without it, a lot of good stuff would have gone to the tip. I think Freecycle does not really work here in France because the French have Scottish blood running through their veins. I have seen some stuff on LBC for sale used that have prices as high as buying the same item new. To my mind second hand stuff should have depreciated in value and therefore be cheaper but not to the French it would seem.