Cleaning my wood burner

Hi, I’ve just bought an Invicta woodburner. The instructions say don’t clean the glass using a spray as it may damage the metal, but it doesn’t say what you should do.

I’m inclined to ignore the instructions, especially as I’ve bought a spray.

Anyone got any experience they can share?


From Google (and I’ve read many threads confirming this):

Use damp crumpled newspaper or a paper towel, dip it in ash and use this to clean wood stove glass . .

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A glass cleaning spray works much better, you shouldn’t really need to use it more than once a month if your wood burner is working properly/wood is seasoned. It shouldn’t damage the metal, but you don’t want to leave it on for very long, dont use when glass or metal is hot and always wear gloves as the stuff is caustic.

I can’t believe that any spray works better than wood ash. I clean the woodburner glass that way and even on the occasions that the deposits are really burnt on it does the job perfectly. In fact, since discovering this miracle, I clean fat stains off the aluminium oven doors on my Aga with wood ash as well, a job that used to be almost impossible is now incredibly straightforward. Magic.


I should have added that, of course, it costs nothing to try. Take care only to use the soft grey ash. I use a piece of damp kitchen roll dipped in ash then wipe off with another piece.

I always clean the glass with damp newspaper. Works very well.

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I had 2 Invictas, never had any problem over several years using a spray (never knew about ash) to clean them.

In summer I used to polish the metal up with a product that I think was called Zebra (?) worked a treat.

Invictas are good value for money, will have to sort through my photos and see what I can find (the days before digital photography) to scan and post !

Yes - the damp newspaper and wood ash technique - then cleaned off with another dry crumpled piece of newspaper - works better than any spray I’ve tried - and I also love the fact that compared with shop-bought sprays etc it is free and environment-friendly.

I suppose it’s a sign of the times, I never have any newspaper in the house. I remember that years ago it was great for cleaning the car’s windows.

No newspaper here either… nor publicité… perhaps I should ask the neighbours for their castoffs…

@Aquitaine - you can always go on the Guardian website and print off a few pages! :joy:


About time someone found a use for the Guardian newspaper.:rofl:

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I have to admit that it was a bit tricky suggesting which newspaper to quote as someone will always dislike it - and if not it must be a very bland newspaper indeed!

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There’s me with loads of newspaper and no fire :rofl:

It does get used to wrap fragile items up for Brocantes :wink:

There are free newsheets here, French and English. The French ones are available in local shops and the English arrive once a month in the supermarket.

Have a look at your local dechetterie, there are often bundles of Nouvelle Republiques or other daily sheets neatly tied in bundles.

I used to do their crossword (when I was slightly more intelligent :astonished:)

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Thanks for all the advice. I think I must have a problem with my stove as I’m cleaning it every day, though it draws just fine and I’m burning oak. Looks great to watch the flames through the glass, so I don’t mind doing it.

I bought a couple of copies of The Guardian home from England, so I know what do do with them once I’ve read every word!

Happy new year to you all,


I used to clean my fires every morning, riddle the ash and then clean the glass. Then spend the next 2 hours cleaning fine ash from all the furniture :scream:

Though they did look lovely I would never go back to fires again, so much hard work.

Never, ever, forget having to stack 15 stérés of wood by myself :nauseated_face:

All of which does little to support the theory that Invicta’s are good.

Not at all John, Invictas are great, ALL wood fires send ash into the air while you are charging, or cleaning them.

Hence my comments that I would never go back to fires again, too much hard work !

I admit to being an amateur-pyromaniac… I have always loved the warmth and glow of blazing logs… but my skills were honed on campfires ie in the open air. :thinking:

Here, it took me ages to realize that if I opened the air vents slightly on our log burner… before throwing more logs onto the embers/ashes/whatever… the smoke/smuts went up the chimney instead of into the room and all over me… :rofl:

Getting the balance right became something of a challenge… but well worth it to me…