Climate/ecological breakdown


Beyond the whole comedy, Mr Pie delivers some Truth

in enjoying being a mixture of Seaweed & Mc Muffin : choose your actions, daily. No schizophrenia anymore, please…

There’s A LOT to talk about, for what ? Sixth Mass Extinction, humans responsible : Massive Changing coming, more & more suddenly. There’s so much to say : we’re just passing on Sublime Earth for a short while, let’s be Honest & Respectful in every Behaviour as much as possible. Governments and all Profits-Obsessive-disorders bipeds have their corrupt habits as a complete matter of fact : as Consumers ourselves, we are all part of this worldwide mess, including our own lives. We are Grown-ups enough to Read properly, while turning a box of whatever food for instance, to not choose to buy Palm Oil destructive shit at very least : not difficult at all, will it change anything ? Life goes on, the Only planet in this constellation hosting such a Diversity of Life named Earth will Recover. Fingers crossed, truly. Unlike in the past during its long life (almost 5 billions of years !), this time : it is going far too far…Enjoy with All imperfect Respect. Welcome to Climate Explosion : increasing mosquitoes are enjoying your bloody creatures now, crash : no pity for mosquitoes, for once ! Earth is more than Magnificent, “she” is a VITAL Home for all Life. Make good dreams, faites de beaux rêves. Cheers


Diversity determined soley by profit margins whilst they make people ill consuming highly processed stuff not found in nature.

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A typically robust statement from George:

Some of us know what we want: private sufficiency, public luxury, doughnut economics, participatory democracy and an ecological civilisation.

Problem is, these are mostly economic changes, and most climate scientists, environmentalists, etc, are not economists. So we hear a lot about how fast the climate is changing, by exactly how much we need to reduce emissions, how habitats and species are disappearing, etc - but little about how we need to change company law and corporate governance, how we support people through the inevitable job losses that the necessary economic restructuring implies, precisely how we make ecological living more fashionable than ‘conspicuous consumption’…

A reminder of why the thread is about both climate and ecological breakdown…

A good news story…
(OK - it also tells us about the damage being done by ‘chemical farming’ - but in the context of offering real, current solutions.)

Merci pour tout ceci Geof_Cox, a Nettle-eater in his youth as no choice…your immune system must be grateful ! Here is a 98 years-old Indian American who, as a Peacekeeper without drowning into complex details, tells what it is : Human specie is Suicidal, hence its very demise Suddenly & not-far-away at all : the only way for LIFE to Come back, BALANCE to Self-Regenerating. Earth has seen others, Space-Time is almost Boundless…

Humanity needs to be slightly more Mature, Honest, Wise but will never enough till its very-own-extinction

A Purifying Avalanche to Restore Balance then is coming…and it’s starting now very well, 2 showers per day will be more & more quickly a past luxury unless any river nearby (not drying) : Enjoy ! Death is Vitally part of the Cycle of Life…Endlessly ~