Climate shaming is not working

Dear Jane, buckets! And then a nice cool shower :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You do if it is waist length and you are in contact with the fastidious noses of young people every day.
I had a couple of teachers who were a bit pungent and oh dear oh dear their ears must have buzzed.

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Dear David,

I am sorry for the perceived attack- this was never my intention, and I have edited my comment accordingly.

I feel Sue presents a good idea.

I habour zero harmfulness to you at all,

actually wish you the very best in all things🌺

Hello Graham,

If you did kick it and it was full… it would a subject to ponder with self yes?

…it would be of little concern to me thereafter :wink:


But you’d surely be annoyed if you’d filled it and finished then kicked it over :rofl:

Not to mention busted toes😳

This evening, I have been decanting a large square bowl, almost full of today’s uggy water, into a small bowl… and thence into the watering can… bit by bit… drop by drop.

All of this was achieved despite having hands which don’t want to work… it was a question of gently, gently… little by little… and I am so chuffed that nothing actually got spilt… hurrah…

However, the watering-can was then so full and so heavy (it’s a large can) … that I couldn’t lift it (silly me!)
so OH had the honour of dousing our evergreen clematis (cirrhosa Wisley Cream) … in the hope that it will produce its usual flowers throughout the winter…

I know it’s not edible as per fruit and veg… so not going to waste more water on it… but it does give a lot of pleasure to neighbours when the weather is often at its bleakest… so I thought just one major dousing might give it a chance…


Thank you @Tiaré , I accept your apology and in that spirit have deleted the elements applicable in my replies.

Perhaps in order to restore the balance and not leave puzzling references to them, @SuePJ might alter the initial sentence in her post in reference to this matter? If so the thread can then proceed on course and without mysterious gaps and references. :smiley:


Every person is different, and that is what makes life so interesting. We all have different needs, generated by different circumstances and preferences.
One person will save water from a shower for their plants, whilst another who has no garden, will cut down their water usage to economise on the cost of running their hot water heater.
We can all take certain measures to reduce energy consumption and thus save ourselves some money in an obvious way. However, has the average person considered that by using major appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and tumble dryers at night, this would more evenly distribute the demand over the 24hr period, which in turn, means that through our electric bills we don’t have to pay for so many distribution system upgrades to cope with the peak hours of demand.

Another thing that we can all do is to consider how we should best cope with a changing climate. Should we have more air conditioning in the workplace, or should we change the working hours to a cooler time of the 24hr period and open the windows ? Recently there have been reports in the news about shops being required to close their doors when the A/C is running. At first sight it just seems like a ‘no brainer’, but then perhaps we should also take some measures to change public perception so that we don’t assume that the shop is closed for business just because the street door is closed.

The most important thing we can all do is to discourage the inevitable negativity that comes from certain quarters when necessary change is proposed. In our locality there is often considerable opposition to the installation of new wind power electrical generators. I try to make contact with the objectors and ask the question as to where in their commune they would prefer a small modular nuclear power station to be installed. After all, take away the fossil fuel generation, and then it is either renewables or nuclear. Perhaps the objectors would prefer rotational electricity cuts ?
Being eternally negative achieves nothing, and we should perhaps all remember that those who are not part of the solution are in fact a part of the problem.

The situation is not all doom and gloom, but it is a very serious situation that requires all of us to do what we can to help to find the appropriate resolution.
For example: There is a litter bin outside the bar in our village square. Unfortunately there is only 1 (no yellow bin for recyclables) so all the trash, including recyclables, goes to the landfill. Clearly we need 2 bins, so I’m asking the Mairie to provide an additional bin for cans, paper, and cardboard items.
It’s just a little thing, but then it’s a matter of reforming the general mindset of the population, and mighty oaks from little acorns grow.


I think I’m fairly frugal with water anyway - get a rebate sometimes on water consumption.

I have a stand-up wash, all over, with a flannel at the wash hand basin. For my feet, I hoist them, one at a time, up into the basin – can still just about do that - and I wash my hair in the basin, head down (in the already used water!) followed by a thorough rinse under the tap – a quick rinse for what’s left on top.

I did yoga for many years in years gone by so can still reach around my back.

I haven’t not used the shower for environmental climate reasons – just don’t like showering. It feels too much like a sudden nasty shock.

I don’t like cooking so use little water in the kitchen – tea mostly - twice a day, sometimes 3 times, with a large mug.

I carry a large bucket and a large watering can of water, in a wheel barrow, over to my bird baths, maybe twice a week – depends on how hot it gets. And the cats get water to drink. All in all, I don’t think I waste water.

I know what I can do as an individual as SuePJ has said – don’t need constant reminding - and I agree with Geof_Cox - vote for those who put climate change at the top of their agenda.

I’ve just got back from SuperU this morning and saw the car wash going great guns…!

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I wonder if that shows how many folk simply don’t care… that sounds harsh, but I feel folk can’t be ignorant of what’s going on…
Obviously, the screen, lights and windows can be cleaned at home… using a minimum.
Is it really necessary to wash the whole car… ???

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If it’s anything like the brand new car washes round here, it will be recycling its water. More economical than doing it at home.
Of course the ideal approach is to leave your car dirty - which we do.

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Seems there’s an up-to 1500€ fine for carwashing when it’s forbidden… but some stations have put the “closed” sign in such small-print and/or badly placed… that folk might not see it… or at least claim they “didn’t realize”… if the gendarmes arrive…

Thing about using a car wash is that allegedly they re-cycle 90% of the water plus of course they are a business who pay taxes to the government and keep a few people employed.


The best time to wash a car is when it’s raining or just rained and not too hot anyway. Much better for the paint.

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I always wait for a steady light drizzle, the soap never dries before you can rinse it off. Cooler for me too.
However I was told that car washes and pressure washes (I can’t use the automatics as they can damage the towing ball cover and electrics) are permitted and it really is a good deal for about €4

I still use a washmatic car cleaner when water shortages are around. Clean the car when absolutely neccessary with one bucket of water.
It uses a jiggle syphon to pump the water to the brush. I see that Amazon doesnt have any at the moment but I have had mine for 30 ish years.
Washmatik Cleaning System

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I never clean my car.
Nothing to do with saving the earth - it’s just not a priority.


I rarely clean my car, but one side of it faces North, and when the moss starts interfering with opening/closing windows, I have to power wash, to get the moss out of all the crevices.

Last wash last Spring. Next wash next Spring.