Coffee beans

(Mark Robbins) #1

I’ve just got a bean to cup machine, and been trying some of the local supermarket bags of coffee beans, some are ok ish at about €10/kg, some not. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good coffee bean (I like mine strong, rich and black) and where to get it and approx cost. Always willing to experiment :grin::grin:

(David GAY) #2

We like the Bio own brand from Super U. It has a good flavour and is not over roasted.

(James Higginson) #3

What machine did you get Mark?

(Mark Robbins) #4

I got a Delonghi ECAM 29.510 - normally use it on the “long” setting, but if I want an extra hit I add a double espresso.

Just been looking on Amazon (still can’t find that button James) at Meo, 3kg for 27 euros

(George Topp) #5

My problem is trying to get decent decaff beans - supermarket decaff beans are almost non existent (in the UK too) and the local coffee supplier only keeps one decaff variety, which is too mild and often not in stock.

We invariably resort to bulk buying from a couple of good specialist roasters in Cumbria/Scotland

(David GAY) #6

Decaff coffee seems to me to be a beverage lacking the point of coffee.

(James Higginson) #7

Great machine! What button, Amazon?

(Mark Robbins) #8

It’s a great machine, I just need to find the right/perfect coffee. Some of the ones I’ve tried are OK (Some have been crap too😨), but just lacking that “je ne sais quoi”

Yep, the Amazon link that gets you a (small) commission.

(James Higginson) #9

I’ll get that up in the menu bar somewhere, thanks!

(James Higginson) #10

We get this Mark, it’s about six euros a kg from Intermarché

(Mark Robbins) #11

That’s a good price, I’ll try it next time I go to intermarche- thanks.

(James Higginson) #12

I’ve just checked online and it is actually under 5!

(John Withall) #13

They certainly are, until they play up. working out the cost of the machine divided by the number of cups puts me off buying another. Really good coffee when it worked.

Anything else come close? wandering off topic a little.

(Dagmara Kosko) #14

I buy this one. Easy to find in SuperU or Geant Casino.

They have 3 different grains:
I like Séléction Honduras or Brésil (Colombia not so much).
It cost me 8 or 9 euro. (and in SuperU I received offers that I can buy this coffee once again 1 -2 cheaper, but not always.)

(in terms of coffee machine - I have Melitta Caffeo solo & milk and in my subjective opinion is better than DeLonghi:) However, the best coffee machines are from Jura -but expensive.

(Mark Robbins) #15

I will give them a go if I can find it locally, don’t have SuperU or Geant here. I know the Brazilian is a “lighter” brew, but don’t really know much about the Columbian :sunglasses::sunglasses: or Honduras.
I agree about the Jura machines, very good but très cher. Maybe next time…