Connexion subscription - worth it?

And yet @Demat_Mozilla … Despite the fact that we all read and most of us here speak enough French here to have the choice :

Why does “F*** off” still feel so much more satisfying than "“Fichez le camp”

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Very Trumpian.

I am bigly chastised.



I think the only appropriate response is ‘covfefe’…


Definitely! Anglo-Saxon swear words are much more satisfying.

I just email and they send me an email back with rate to use.

I saw an article in Connexion where they said the rules on building a wall meant the minimum height must be 2.6 metres. I thought rubbish that must be maximum height.
So I trawled the web and found two pages on the same government site which had different info.

So the Connexion was right …and wrong. Or the French government is.

The first is for places where no PLU, so not universal. And can’t see height in the second, only the distance from boundary (but may have missed it).