Considering Relo to France with Mixed Breed Dog (Cat 1?)

Hello Everyone,
My family and I have a wonderful opportunity to relocate to France for my job. However we happen to have what I worry would be considered a category 1 dog?! I have been trying to find information on the process of assigning dogs to categories but it’s been confusing. This site came up with an old post from someone in a similar situation. Hopefully I can get some guidance from the group here?

I understand the requirements for vaccines, neutering, microchip, etc.
What I am not clear on is if it is it even possible for me to move and take the dog if he is deemed to be category 1 dog. Can anyone help me understand the procedure involved? He is “officially” identified from the shelter we adopted him in the US a Boxer mix but could be Pitbull or at least confused with one. I can follow whatever restrictions are in place such as muzzles and leashes and in reality he is no particular danger to people or dogs. Is it complicated but possible for us to move with him or will he not allowed in the country? How do we know before we commit to the move?
Thank you in advance for any help with this.

If he has papers identifying him as a Boxer cross (with what, you might be asked) you should be OK. Most crossbreeds are identified as what a vet judges them to be.

This might be useful.

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Hi Veronique,

Thank you for your reply. Assuming the worst, that a vet says he’s a Pit bull mix (and he may well be), would he be allowed to stay as a category 1 dog or would we need to send him back to the US?

I find this phrase in the screen shot troubling…
“Prohibition of purchase, sale, donation, importation and introduction** in France”

Is moving with a dog considered to be importation? I am hoping all this is unnecessary but I need to be certain will be allowed to come with us.

here is a pic of the dog in question if this is any help…


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(on the face of it… bringing a dog to live in France does sound like you would be “importing”…:thinking:


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I have added it.


Too sweet for words! What you need is a dog passport stating eg Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Pointer/Collie cross, then you will be OK. I have to say he doesn’t look Boxerish to me, but the main thing is to get ID to prove he isn’t a category 1 or 2 dog, they aren’t allowed in and if born here have to be neutered and muzzled as well as on the lead if out and about, it is no life for a dog. They explicitly say SBTs are ok. As he is of indeterminate breed he needs something official to prove he isn’t some monster.
You need to be able to convince the authorities that eg these two are his parents20191009_184818 20191009_184841

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Thanks again for your information.
According to the US Dep of Agriculture, an EU pet passport cannot be obtained in the US.
Even if it were, I don’t feel great about trying to skirt the French regulations.
I was hoping I could register him and keep him mainly on my property, but I am coming to the realization that is not allowed…c’est la vie.

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He’s a beauty…!

How old is he…??? Is he still a pup…???

He looks more like a Border Collie/Labrador type mix…I don’t see boxer or pit bull in him…

Could you get a dna test performed on him which would tell you for definite which breeds he is crossed with…???

A dna test would give you the information you need to help you make an informed decision…

But you aren’t skirting anything - you said Boxer cross, so if that is on his documents that is fine. (He doesn’t look very Boxery to me). You just need to be sure the customs people don’t shriek “pit bull” and send him back. I don’t see why they would, judging him from that photo, but you want to be sure. As long as his jabs are up to date you just take him to a vet on arrival for chipping and registering and there you are.

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Have you looked at this:

Go to the page and click on the pdf

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To add to the confusion there seems to be a distinction between the American Staffordshire (‘AmStaff’…foundation stock from the pit bull) and the Staffordshire bull terrier from uk…???

But this little one is a cross breed pet…he’s not a banned breed being imported to France for commercial reasons/breeding…???

From that pdf…

Dog breeds considered to be dangerous:

“Importing into any French territory any dog resembling the following breeds, based on their morphology, is forbidden: Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier (pitbulls), Mastiff (boerbulls) and Tosa.

However, importing to any French territory of any dog of the following breeds: Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier (pitbulls), and Tosa, registered by the American Kennel Club, as well as dogs related to Rottweilers, is possible, under special rules. These special rules make travelling with these breeds for short periods extremely difficult, if not impossible.”

Yes, obviously because Amstaffs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not at all the same thing :grinning:

the point is though that he could be a dear sweet loving pet BUT if he is also one of those breeds or crosses mentioned then he can’t come, it doesn’t matter about it being non-commercial. And if he had been born in France (and was one of those cat1 dogs) there would be no question of breeding because they have to be neutered.

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The staffy in uk gets lots of bad press because they get associated with being prestige dogs…raising a puppy to be aggressive can’t ever be right in my opinion…

Why is it that the Rottweiler is cautionary in France…??? I’m not a fan of the breed but I have friends in uk who have always had them…are there reported incidents in France that lead to the banning of certain breeds…I guess there must be…

If I was the original poster I would go for a dna test to be certain and take it from there…

Banned dogs in your country…Italy

The list of prohibited dogs was revised in 2007 and shortened from an initial ninety two breeds to fourteen banned breeds. The list from 2003 originally included the
Welsh Corgi and Border Collies…yes, really…!

This is what the French Ministry of Agriculture published

That is about as precise as it gets.

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Hello! Please respond!

Hopefully members of this thread are still active, will see this, and can respond. I am an upcoming teaching assistant in france and I have been researching this exact topic for WEEKS and this thread is the first time I’ve actually been able to read in depth about this and actually get some answers! I got about as far as the OP did when they wrote this post before I was stumped. If I am going to be in a small mountain town in northeast france for the school year, Saint Die des Vosges, I would much prefer my dog to join me, but if not so be it.

My dog is part american staffordshire, part dachsund. He’s definitely a bit of a weiner dog, but he’s got a staffy face and build. He’s registered as an ESA dog, and I also have him registered with the AKC. he has a microchip, and a vet appointment 10 days before shouldn’t be an issue. He is well trained, usually wearing an educator/shock collar, and I’ll get a muzzle that fits.

My questions are: Is he a category 1 or 2 if he is a mixed breed? Is there a mandatory pet quarantine in France? Is this a dead end? or is there any hope whatsoever? Does registering with the AKC help at all? What are the special rules under the AKC that would help, the good citizen program? I have about a month and a half until I leave, so time is of the essence. The covid situation doesn’t help, either. Any help on this would be much appreciated and help me so so much. Thanks!

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