Control Technique fail limitations

Hi does anyone know or know where to find the limitations of use for a car that has failed a ct with non serious issues during the month that is given to have the repairs carried out , ie to travel abroad ?

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Shame you did not ask the folk at the CT Station… :thinking:
Must confess I cannot find anything that definitely says you can’t travel… so you might be good to go.

@anon90504988 can you help us please??

I know when my car has failed on a minor issue the CT sticker is removed from the windscreen and only replaced when the car has passed.

did you get pulled over by the Gendarmes… or did no-one notice ??

Never been stopped but I carried they CT failure facture until I had the retest, it’s never been anything really serious and my local garage is very good and quick

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That has changed, Ann. Now you get a sticker with a 2 month expiry date.

Thanks Mark, went did it change as my CT was last year (2018) and I had no sticker for a failure.

Unless any of the failure items are “critical” you can use the car on the road for two months anywhere during which time you must make the repairs in order to have just the failed items retested. If you overrun the date you have to pay for a complete retest.
This date is put on the new vignette in your windscreen & forms part of the two year validation of the new CT.
If any items are classed “critical” you have can use the car until midnight on the day of the test, time for you to get it to a place where it can be repaired.

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May last year.

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That’s strange as my CT was August 2018 and I never had a sticker when my old girl failed, didn’t matter as she was into the garage to get the minor points fixed well before the 2 months was up.

Thank you all , we hope it will pass , but as we have to travel the same week , wanted a little reassurance :crossed_fingers:

@Mayeux Can’t you bring the date forward? … just in case … :thinking:

You can reprimand your CT Tester, next time you see him/her :rofl::thinking:

Some CT stations can be slow to update their information. There are still some that do not know that stickers or a lever to flatten the left hand kick up on a RHD vehicle is also acceptable. have this “La vignette de contrôle technique est un carré autocollant qui révèle des informations concernant le dernier contrôle technique réalisé sur une automobile. Elle est délivrée à la fin d’une visite technique périodique, d’une contre-visite ou d’une visite technique complémentaire”.

The presence of the vignette is not obligatory though, but the police tend to look for the two on the windscreen & if one is missing they might stop you for a vehicle check.

The “lever to flatten the left hand kick-up on a RHD vehicle” has me mithered all round the Wrekin, Mark.

Can you please let me in on this garagiste parley voo? :thinking::smiley:

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:thinking: I believe it’s to do with adjusting the headlights of a RHD car, fitted with said lever … in order not to blind oncoming traffic in LHD countries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not all RHD cars have had this facility (or similar), hence many folk have needed to change the headlights to LHD (in the past) for registering the vehicle in France. :roll_eyes:

Difficult to explain in a few words but this MGTF web site explains the principle quite well -

As Stella says, only certain cars have this facility.

Excellent, plain speaking at it’s @Stella best :kissing_heart:

Thanks @anon90504988 for this detailed linked response. I had no idea such devices existed, but it makes real sense in view of so much cross-channel traffic.

Hubby’s car has these adjusters, also the car automatically adjusts the height of the beam if a load is carried in the back so you aren’t blinding on coming traffic