Controle Technique 2018 and beyond

(stella wood) #1

Food for thought… I wonder if they will have a rush of folk wanting to get their car tested before May…:crazy_face:

(anon54681821) #2

im more keen to see the speeds reduced to 80 km an hour instead of 90. i was doing 90 yesterday and 2 cars flew past me one after the other and when i say flew they were probably doing in excess of 140 km an hour.

CT needs tightening up there are way too many cars n the road that should not be on the road.

(stella wood) #3

Ref the CT… Depending on what is found to be “wrong”… The new system will allow the driver 24hr in which to take the vehicle home or to a garage… the Driver can no longer run the car for 2 months -while the work is “supposedly” being organized- as at present. On the face of it… that seems reasonable.

(David Martin) #4

Harry, how would a different speed limit have changed the behavior of the drivers who overtook you yesterday?

(stella wood) #5

We both know that there will always be folk who disregard whatever speed limit is set. Nothing will change their attitude (sadly). I prefer to see them go way, way ahead rather than sitting in my boot. :unamused:

The worst thing is when they come rushing in my direction , round a blind bend…:fearful: much too fast to safely control the situation… I try to hide in the ditch…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Chris Kite) #6

If something is wrong with my car I’d rather know about it than have a nasty surprise, so I’m all for tightening up the regs if it might potentially save lives. Some cars I see can’t possibly be roadworthy. You still get 2 months to get your car repaired, it’s only the new “critique” category that requires instant action and if it’s that bad they are doing you a favour.

(anon54681821) #7

yup totally agree @smwsplr but i often find that within 70 zones people at least slow down a little, maybe 80 zones might be the same.

unfortunately we cannot account for all the bad drivers out there. plus that extra 10 kmh is more points if they still do same speeds as they do now.

I often slow down to make sure when i see cars flying into my rear mirror like a lunatic so they go past me even quicker

(David Hislop) #8

Before I moved to France I got my cars serviced and checked by my garage pre-MOT and got the mechanic to include the MOT in his invoice.
Will get my car serviced pre-CT in February and advise garage that the CT is due and if any work is required to do it before I take the car for the CT.
Not rocket science and avoids any potential major shocks

(Mark Rimmer) #9

Actually Stella this is not true. You still have 2 months to make repairs unless the fault is deemed critical, such as no brakes or steering. A normal failure (faulty lights, tyres or the like) will be subject to the 2 month rule.
"Le contrôle technique périodique et la contre-visite entraînent : – un résultat favorable (A) en l’absence de défaillance majeure et critique ; – un résultat défavorable pour défaillances majeures (S), en l’absence de défaillance critique et lorsqu’il est constaté au moins une défaillance majeure. Dans ce cas, la validité du contrôle est de deux mois à compter de la date du contrôle technique périodique ; – un résultat défavorable pour défaillances critiques ® lorsqu’il est constaté au moins une défaillance critique. Dans ce cas, la validité du contrôle est limitée au jour du contrôle. Tout résultat défavorable entraîne l’obligation de réalisation d’une contre-visite, qui ne peut être réalisée que dans le délai de deux mois après le contrôle technique périodique tel que défini à l’article 5, faute de quoi un nouveau contrôle technique périodique est à réaliser. "

“The periodic technical inspection and the counter-visit shall result in: - a favourable result (A) in the absence of a major and critical failure; - an unfavourable result for major failures (S), in the absence of a critical failure and when at least one major failure is found. In this case, the validity of the inspection shall be two months from the date of the periodic technical inspection; - an unfavourable result for critical failures ® when at least one critical failure is found. In this case, the validity of the check is limited to the day of the check. Any unfavourable result shall entail the obligation to carry out a counter-visit, which may only be carried out within two months of the periodical technical inspection as defined in Article 5, failing which a new periodic technical inspection shall be carried out.”

Translated with

(David Martin) #10

Faulty brake lights are considered critical.

(Mark Rimmer) #11

AS a garagiste I am occasionally asked to conduct a pre CT check. I usually tell my customers not to waste their money. Why pay me to check their car & then pay a CT station to do it again? A CT station has sophisicated specialist equipment designed to thoroughly test specific items. Some of these machines apply huge forces to components which an average garage cannot hope to duplicate such as the vibrating floor for checking shock absorbers & a wheel kicker for steering & suspension joints. The findings are then transmitted to a computer & checked against a central database.
I have a metal bar & my weight to check the same things. I cannot tell if the brakes are out of balance or if the headlights are slightly out unless it is very obvious. I have nothing in my workshop which can measure dekanewtons & have not seen another garage with the gear to do so.
My advice is to get the car tested & afterwards repair anything which they say needs repairing.
The CT stations are not linked to any garage so do not make money out of failures. In fact a retest is usually free but still takes up their time.

(Mark Rimmer) #12

Only if you have no brake lights at all. If you have a glimmer somewhere then it is “just” major.

(stella wood) #13


Thanks for clarifying… I should have gone further with my explanation.

I was pointing out that the CT will be much stricter … the word “critique” is just what it says… critical…and some folk may well be caught out.

It will be interesting to see just how the CT works out after May this year. I rather hope it will mean that fewer dodgy cars are on the road…

(David Hislop) #14

Thanks for that Mark.
Will get it tested first then serviced and any work needed, done

(Madeson Jones) #15

when does the law change?

(stella wood) #16

Hi Maddie…

In the link… it says 20th May 2018… so around then I guess… :grin::upside_down_face:

(Madeson Jones) #17


(Madeson Jones) #18

I believe the 1 year thing is not happening yet

(stella wood) #19

Hi Maddie… I mean that the new Regulations when Testing come into force this May.

… your vehicle will need a CT whenever, but if done before that date in May, the criteria will be slightly different to that if done after that May date…

I hope that makes sense…

(David Martin) #20

20th May. I have a CT due on the 25th but it’s booked in for the 18th.