Controle Technique motorbikes/quads/sans permis- Update

About time too, in my opinion…

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High heels next Sunbeam… how the hell do you ladies manage to balance on stilettos :thinking:

More to the point, how do they drive in them? :astonished:

In the interests of self-preservation, I will not be providing an answer to my question. :zipper_mouth_face:

Regarding 3 wheelers. A shame really, I have one in the garden which when bought over 15 years ago did not even need registration either, only insurance. We used it little after getting a 2nd car and then, after the law changed in 2009, couldn’t be bothered to track down the paperwork required.

a Morgan?


If only. :roll_eyes:
No, a Piaggio Ape van. Scooter engine underneath on the rear axle, handlebar steering, motorbike throttle, gear and brake controls, seatbelts for 1 but room enough on the bench seat for 2. 3 forward gears and 3 reverse.
Before she drove it I advised my wife to stop at the bottom of the 10% hill to our house and engage 1st gear. This because to get from 2 to 1 it is necessary to pass through neutral, and there isn’t time.
First time out I heard her approaching in the valley a km away and went out to watch how she did. She duly raced up to the hill in 3rd, racing change to 2nd and, just before the top, got stuck in neutral. Started rolling backwards, found first, and did the most magnificent wheelie before, sensibly, setting the brake and calling for help.
The neighbours’ young son thought this was a marvellous display and for a long time afterwards came out to watch the fun whenever he heard the telltale buzzing noise in the distance. She also managed to demolish several tables of veg in the market when reversing one day, to be fair the mirrors were not good, but it was met with huge laughter, even from the stallholder as the crowds all lent a hand collecting the cabbages etc.
So she had a ready and appreciative crowd at both ends of her shopping expeditions. :rofl:
Been searching for a picture without success, maybe later.

The CT will also be needed for " Sans Permis" cars. Makes me happy looking at the number I see held together with gaffer tape. Hope they also check the sound levels on 2 wheelers. The noise most of the scooters make is terrible


Ahh Graham you bought the black ones - I thought the sparkly ones were more your style!


temporary reprieve for 2-wheelers… ?

well…till after the election anyway


Those are Louboutins… Worth the pain.

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It’s not going to happen… after all…


Totally fabulous, I covet one big time :heart_eyes:

I have also always coveted one and would really like one right now (apart from if it’s a standard Piaggio scooter underneath, because I’ve had 3 or 4 Piaggio scooters and they are a heap of $hit if you do serious work with them and I wouldn’t even accept one free). But I think the original Ape went out of production a very long time ago.

Round here the farmers seem to use old Renault vans in a similar way.

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:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: very pleased as now one less expense and effort for the quad :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: thanks for sharing :+1::+1::+1:

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Found a picture, now retired and storing wood and tools.

Sadly, in 2021 there 870 accidents on the roads and there were 22 deaths… involving trottinettes … !!!

the battle continues about the safety, air pollution and noise pollution of all 2 wheelers etc.

Latest News… this will start April 2024 for those machines pre-2017

In respect of motorcycles, they produce very little air pollution compared to cars and are a very efficient way of transporting one person compared to a four- or five-seater car. They are also a tiny minority of road users (in European countries, it’s different in the Far East) so “clamping down” on pollution by two-wheelers is somewhat missing the point really. My Honda 750 gets 28.6km/L or roughly 80mpg so is incredibly fuel-efficient compared to cars, and that’s a fairly big bike - little bikes do way better than that.

And yes electric motorcycles are now a thing, although still too expensive and heavy for most people.

Even old two-stroke bikes from the 80s and 90s will pass the London ULEZ emissions test, if maintained properly!

So really motorbikes and scooters should be encouraged, especially for city use where pollution and congestion are highest.

As for noise pollution, yes there is always a minority of boy racers who will take the baffles out of their exhaust pipes and scream through villages making a racket, but they are a minority. These days most “bikers” are old farts like me recapturing their lost youth - especially in the UK where the age and training requirements for motorcycle ownership have got so draconian over the years that teenagers and 20-somethings can’t be bothered with it and just buy cars.

There is a Harley-Davidson dealer in Guildford not far from me and it’s quite comical to see the Owner’s Club turn up for their Sunday ride-outs - all of them well over 50!

Leaving aside scooters, the best-selling motorbike in the UK is the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure - a big fat adventure bike that’s bought by middle-aged riders not teenage tearaways (who would not be able to ride it legally, you need to be over 21 and have held an A2 licence for 2 years, or be over 24 if you haven’t had that experience).

Motorcycles have always been an easy target for legislators wanting to “do something about road safety” - bikers obviously get injured in accidents more than car drivers do, plus the “Hell’s Angels” image still lingers.

If there’s any group of two-wheeled users that want more regulation I would say it’s fast food delivery scooter riders - here in the UK they all ride around with L-Plates so have clearly never passed a test, and they break the rules all day every day in the way they ride. If I was World Emperor I would make it illegal for them to ride their bikes for work until they have passed their test.

I am all in favour of having contrôle technique for motorbikes and scooters - no reason for them to be exempt - they have to be MOT tested in the UK, and it’s obviously sensible on safety grounds.

And they’re almost certainly not insured for business use.

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