Convoy nears Paris

I hope the have their Crit’air stickers and CB radios. Breaker, breaker, this is Dupont to Dupond, we’ve got a convoy……

Basically thèse people are economically marginalised and are exploited by being told that they are being suppresed by an elite cabal of intellectuals - and what is more such misunderstandings are further promoted when the likes of that little populist slug, Gove prattle on about ‘not needing experts.’

There’s a very good, but poignant in-depth article on N American truckers’ lives. at!-

Convoy ended badly, if I correctly remember (usually try to erase memory of bad movies) and Rubber Duck became ‘Dead Duck’.

Hi Mark,
Here’s a blast from the past, if I remember first watching on VHS or beta max when in young teens.

I can send you the full film if you like, but only have it in Danish, no sub titles.
Btw, I’m not economicically marginalised.


Presumably Helen will be able to tell us all about it first-hand.


Never saw the movie Mark. I just remember the song. I’m not really sure I have the energy to worry about truck drivers, unless an overtired one kills me. It’s a pretty tough job from my perspective but at least it’s a skill. I’d wonder more about the gig economy. But I also wonder am I looking at todays world through 1980s lenses. Am I really in tune enough to judge.

Well I can’t tell anyone much about the Paris convoy except they will eventually connect in Brussels…i don’t know of any Paris livestreams so can’t comment…

In Ottawa fb tried to take down Pat king yesterday and lawyers worked all morning and he was back by this afternoon…

He was sent a personal letter from this guy who I’ve never heard of telling him he could be the next prime minister if he formed a political party and could be part of history if he told everyone on ambassador bridge to stand down…

Probably pretty obvious what his response was to that letter….

Edited to add there is a fake Pat king page on fb….

There was also a livestream today from Ottawa where Canadian physicians had invited health ministers to attend for open and transparent debate….presenting evidence on both sides…

None of the said invited officials turned up…

One of the esteemed physicians presented all the evidence he had provided to an ongoing court case where he had been asked to provide expert testimony….his documentary evidence amounted to a foot high mountain of evidence with citations and links and the rebuttal was a couple of pages with no cited studies and only fb fact checks presented

Apart from disrupting people’s lives you have to wonder what the convoy hopes to achieve, the French government have already started to remove restrictions and within a few weeks most will be gone.

Thanks Wozza and glad to read that you’re not economically marginalised!

If you’ve not read the NYT article, it’s a very moving and detailed account of long distance trucker’s ten day journey - he comes across as a nice guy, living a hard and lonely life.

Like Convoy, the trucker song below ends badly, but it’s a better piece of music. There’s also a good one by Martin Carthy, some memorable lyrics, but I’m struggling to remember the title -
Love Never Dies ?

The Bourgmestre de Bruxelles said on the radio that he would not allow a convoy of vehicles to enter the city, given that they hadn’t followed the administrative rules for a demonstration, and that he had instructed city police to direct any such vehicles to a massive car park on the outskirts of the city.

My immediate thought was that one way around this approach would be to “mob”, the city but then it wouldn’t still be a “convoy” would it, and that would take a fairly extraordinary degree of organisation with “chatter” on the networks, so would probably be thwarted anyway ?

I had thought you would join them, seeing you feel so strongly about it (and you’d be with a bunch of like-minded people).

Maybe that’s just me being French though, we love demonstrating :grin:

What’s Brussels got to do with COVID though?


I think I must be one of the really economically marginalised. I would like to join the convoy but cannot afford it.


Too many unvaccinated people in the convoy, you could catch covid from them :wink:


I have covid-fatigue and now convoy-fatigue as well.


"Six Days on the Road" *is a song written by Earl Green and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio songwriter Carl Montgomery. *

Peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot CountrySongs chart and cracking the Top 40, leading to it being hailed as the definitive celebration of the American truck driver.

One of the best versions was a blues-rocking rendition recorded in 1969 by Taj Mahal.

I would certainly vouch for the Taj Mahal version being superb. As is the whole album, Giant Steps’.

Esquire included the album at number 27 on its list of “The 75 Albums Every Man Should Own”. [Giant_Step/De Ole Folks at Home]

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If I was in U.K. I’d be out there supporting…:grinning:

Here there’s currently only me and the collies so I have to think about them first

What has Brussels got to do with covid…???

I think it’s the “vax pass” or whatever it’s being called in different countries and an unelected by the people Ursula….??? :thinking:

It looks like the First Nations are about to declare their own “state of emergency” as they have treaty rights to much of the land including I think the land in front of Ottawa Parliament and ambassador bridge…:thinking:

The treaty they made was only ever for within a plough’s depth so in their view everything ever built is in violation of their treaty rights

It’s complicated to unravel and that’s for sure…

Brian Peckford….

Why are you posting this **** again Helen?

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