Cooker Hose Adaptor for UK Cooker

Hi SF family.

I’ve recently purchased a new cooker from a French site. The cooker is dual fuel and UK made by a company called Stoves.

The cooker came without a hose and I need to connect it to my butane bottle. I have the regulator but can’t for love nor money find out which hose I need to convert the UK natural gas to a butane regulator.

Here’s a pic of the back of the oven and it’s female connector. I found a brass adaptor but it’s not correct, it leaks gas.

Anyone had a similar problem and know which hose adaptor is needed?


Is the gas bottle intended to be inside the house or outside? There are two different types - the lightweight plastic ones (with a snap fitting for the détendeur) and the metal ones are blue and grey with a screw type détendeur which are propane. Butane is not recommended for outside storage.
The French détendeur for butane is explained here:

The better flexible hoses are preformed and usually available from supermarkets and brico sheds. It’s difficult to see how the hose is formed from your picture but the preformed ones, whilst more expensive, are a better bet and designed for the job.
This earlier topic might also be a useful reference…

Have you wrapped the threads with Teflon tape? It is the absolute minimum to do so. Also, as mentioned, consider a ‘sans date’ flexible tube, available with a male end.

The screw threads are universal - does the connection have washers/seals inside? That’s most likely the issue - after that PTFE or similar on the threads.
Check if there a washer and it’s not damaged

It shouldn’t be necessary to use PTFE tape to achieve a gas tight seal if correctly configured.


No, don’t use PTFE on gas fittings. They are usually tapered (which is why a standard plumbing fitting will leak) and rely on a washer, usually green, to make the seal.
Dont forget to change the jets either!


Appreciate all replies. I’ve added the teflon tape but still leaks. Here’s the setup of connectors from the oven to the brass adaptor to the pipe connecting to the blue Butane bottle (stored inside the house).

For me it seems the brass connector is too small. The thread in the cooker hose seems a lot deeper.

in your second photo, is that a plumbing fitting rather than a gas one? does the hose fit on one end but not the other?

If you mean the brass double male, this was in the gas section in the brico so assume is gas connector. The hose will screw onto both ends.

ISTR they do another type with different sized threads
What you need is the old style hardware DIY store known as a quincaillerie. Perhaps the Stores site might help?

ISTR? Sorry Graham, what’s that stand for?

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apologies… ISTR = I Seem To Recall :wink:

It’s probably simpler to buy a pre formed hose designed for gas without the jubilee clips and adaptors.

Where’s the washers in all that collection of connectors?

Is this dangerous?

as already outlined above in post #2 :wink:

But, from what the OP is indicating, that is not the underlying problem - see the second photo in post #7

Sconded but seems to have been ovelooked by people more interested in hoses and male male nipples

Looking at the original picture the nipple is bottoming out into the female thread in the Stoves cooker so it will leak right there i suspect. You need a male male BSP T (tapered) thread to bind up and seal at that end and you have BSP a parallel thread.

Try an iron fitting these are usually tapered.


thirded and that post by @mark was liked by two of us (so far) so no need to repeat it and flood the topic to add to the confusion.
One step at a time…

I think I’ve found the hose at last.

Appreciate the replies all.

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available from Amazon France
well done :+1:

Except you have to run at around 4 miles a second if it goes bang. Cart and horse comes to mind.
Still looks like a parallel thread to me so if there is not a green fibre washer in there it will still leak.

BSPP vs BSPT Thread Difference - QC Hydraulics.