Cornflour needed

Is cornflour available in France?
I now know a lot more about how/where to get thick cream for OH scones :+1:
I needed cornflour to ease matt’s from my cats’fur :grin::crazy_face:

Yes - maizena



Now without being sarcastic - this is a very good use of this forum.

Today we have struggled (and failed) to get extra thick double cream - and not crème fraîche. Had to make do with squirty cream which is a poor substitute.

Yes, isn’t it?! Little fruity “pops” of surprised delight, like big wobbly multicoloured soap bubbles from a white clay pipe !

I am not being sarcastic.

And there’s much besides to treasure. :hugs:

You could try mascarpone thinned down a bit if necessary with some crème entière fluide or crème fleurette. That is what I use eg on scones.

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Closest we’ve found is the crème, cru or pasteurisé , from the cheese stall in the market. Thick and ”dollopy”. Next best is glass jars of crème d’issigny or crème de Bresse in supermarket.

Always mascarpone for me, thick, creamy and delicious. :yum:

Too cheesy for me…except with expresso coffee and sponge in a tiramisu! :drooling_face: (hope that’s a licking lips emoticon, not something rude!)

I find Lidl’s own version just like extra thick cream and “cheese free” but of course individual tastes vary.
My mum and dad were looking for extra thick double cream when they moved out here and I introduced them to mascarpone and they never looked back, more than happy with it.

We use mascarpone too - bought some yesterday from Carrefour, just looked at the info, 40% fat/28% saturated…bugger.

Probably a little healthier than double cream though which Dr G says has 48% fat

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If you eat butter then mascarpone is hardly a problem, fat-wise.

(I am saying nothing about the abomination they call margarine, Satan’s earwax is what it is).


Who remembers war-time “Special Margarine”? It was absolutely foul, even covered with a layer of birthday-party-sandwich “anchovy” paste.

Like Jane, we buy crème cru from the local market. Generally speaking, if we take the lid off and hold it upside down, it stays put. Also it is genuinely cream - a number of the “extra thick” supermarket varieties in the UK are processed to appear thick.

Crème douce was available from péchalou but I haven’t seen it for ages, it was marvellous. (I say this as a person who will happily eat a pot of cream or indeed mascarpone all by itself, with a spoon, no sugar no jam no scone, nothing).


Crème de Normandie Épaisse Entière works well for me…

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We tried that yesterday but not the same as thick double cream - it was a bit yogurty!

Mmm… I’ve not found that… mind you, I empty the packet into a chilled bowl and give it a good beat until it is really thick… stir in melted dark chocolate… into a mould, chill… and enjoy …yummy

What are you wanting the cream for (what dish, recipe) ???

It is a nut tart bought from a local bakery.

Mmmm there is “crème fraîche éepaisse” in this walnut tarte recipe…


or simply ask them what their recipe is (unless it is a family secret) :relaxed: