Costs of CT scan

Happy new year people any chances of costs for CT scan, got EHIC card but not officially in France paid no monies in in any form and have no ther paper work been here less than 5 years

Depends where in the country you are and whether the appointment is private etc etc etc.

No easy answer to this I fear. If the NHS in UK find out that you have not been living in the UK, they may well tell you that the EHIC is suspended and you will have to find the cost yourself. The EHIC is for short term travellers only and becomes invalid the day you enter France with the intention of living here permanently which it seems you are.

The agencies involved will send you a bill which you pass on to the NHS. If you need the dye injection, expect to pay the pharmacie direct for that (again, they will give the forms to for reimbursement from the NHS) and of course you initial consultations etc.

I fear this will not be cheap! You will be responsible for paying them before you claim from the NHS so good luck with that.

I think it would cost the price of a budget airline ticket back to your GP. Surely a CT is only the tip of the iceberg as you will also need a specialist to diagnose the results. Then, if there is a problem, treatment.

Mm… not sure how this will go for you @james_charles_ince.

Each time I go to make an appointment for a CT scan (yes, I have had more than one…over the years)… I am asked for paperwork supporting my request. In my case, it is a letter from my Doctor or Specialist, so no problem for me… but you, presumably, would not have anything… (I honestly cannot remember if they ask for my Carte Vitale etc…at this point.)

Perhaps you wil not encounter any difficulty making an appointment…but this is an aspect you should be aware of.

However, if you are successful in making an appointment… when you arrive for the CT scan… you will need to “log-in” at Out-Patients… and will certainly be asked for your Carte Vitale, Health Insurance/Mutuelle, Proof of Identity (passport is what is asked for in my area)… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Eldest daughter is a radiographer in a clinique and they will do CT scans and IRM’s without a prescription, cost is around 150 Euros.

As an aside I was staggered to learn how much the UK pays France for old gits healthcare - around 200 million Euros a year and rising.

Maybe one day, you’ll be an ‘old git’ and appreciate that your years of NHI’s were not for nothing after all.

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Sorry Graham but I’ll never be able to take advantage of the S1 scheme as I have a business here. Perhaps I should have gone on to say that the NHS is very poor in collecting money from other EU countries whose residents use UK hospitals etc.

But, don’t your years of NHI contributions get rolled up towards your French pension when it comes (setting aside any change re Brexit) in which case you will be an ‘old git’ too :rofl:

Anyway, aren’t you better off in the French healthcare system? I know I am given the problems with the NHS just now (an likely to continue). Given my current health issues, I must be saving HMG a considerable amount of money just now ad not contributing to their woes.

I have been led to believe that I’ll get a pension from each country, I’ve got 30 years worth of UK contributions and 11 years here so combined I’ve nearly got enough for a full French pension if you are correct yet I’m still years away from being able to claim in either country.

IIRC (Brexit aside) the last State you worked in is responsible for making the payments but any other States from whom you get a pension make them to the funding State (in your case, France).

Look up
Protection Universelle Maladie (PUMA)

Might solve your problem legally.