Cotisation foncière des entreprises 2015

Hi. I am a new member, and newly registered AE. Received the above form this morning. Trying to translate as we speak, but can anyone explain in simple terms what this is? I have ignored so much junk mail, but I am guessing this one is not for the bin. Business is very new, no clients as yet, but registered as virtual assistant working home. Thanks in advance of any shared wisdom.

Hi,I run a Chambre d'hote and I have recieved a Cotisation Fonciere Des Entreprises 2015, I can't recollect getting one before so not sure how to fill it in, as my French isn't that good, is there anyway I can tranlate it into english. Thanks

No. I applied online and have not been asked to register at the chamber of commerce so far.

Did you have to register at the chambre de commerce (I think thats what it is) we chose one that didn't require that, assuming it meant more money.

Hi Patrick, you are correct, there is not a neatly fitting shoe for what I do, it is slow to catch on here. I am registered as 8211z "services administratifs combinés de bureau". It is probably as good as any. Yes, I found the form a pain too. The section on the 3rd page seems to be relating to the space you use for work in your home. Enjoy your trip!

Hi Beverley,

I was just thinking I was lucky but got the forms for me and my wife this morning. We fly to aus tomorrow and would have returned after the date the forms have to be back so lucky me I get to fill them in last minute. We both do similar things to you it seems - I do web site stuff and programming and my wife is a virtual assistant. When we registered last Jan we couldn't find anything that exactly described Virtual assistant and plumped for correcteur de texte since she was doing proof reading job at that exact moment. What did you register as?

Currently puzzling my way through the 'biens de nouvel etablissement' - I presume these relate to the parts of my home in uses as office and those not?


So just to clarify - do patting head and rubbing tummy go in same direction or opposite - as I really think that would make a big difference in success or failure...


I presume for “Impôts” in May?

As far as filing goes it is quite easy. The salary info is transmitted automatically and will be preprinted on the form or filled in online. You will get a form from URSAFF with the amount from any AE income and it will have the amount and the box in which to enter the information.

You then add the two figures together and send Hollande and his cronies a cheque for that amount :smiley:

You get issues if you change from one regime to another. We did write RSI and basically they said just report things and eventually they will realise they haven’t received any revenue from me and will swap me over to CPAM and kill the chip in my Carte Vitale at the same time. I will then need to reapply to CPAM for my CV providing them with 1L of blood, a sworn translation of my birth certificate (must be a copy dated within the previous three days) by a Mongolian Buddhist Monk into Swahili. They then need a video of me hopping around the Eiffel Tower on my left leg in a counter clockwise direction whilst chewing gum and patting my head and rubbing my tummy at the same time. Once that dossier is received, I will then just need to make an exact replica of the lower right corner of the Bayeux Tapestry and send that in along with 10 recent photographs.

Elaine, check here this might shed some light on the situation

or here

Hi Tim,

do you know if it is ok to be AE and salarie together? If so, I assume the charges and taxes are dealt with properly when filing (May)?
Just asking for someone else who registered as AE and then got a part-time salaried contract.... must be some muddy waters in there somewhere

Problem is that the rules for AE are under review constantly. I always get updates from here and it seems to be on the ball and it is free to register and any changes come by email as they happen.

Also on the subject of CFE, I believe that if you pay CFE because your property is used a business, you do not pay Taxe d'habitation. You pay one or the other. So the impot office tell me anyway!! The other problem with the flawed impot system here, is that different tax offices interpret thing differently.

Ah, so we probably fall under old rules. Must say not really using my AE as salarié now (but kept it open in case some stuff to do on the side came up.) Might need to ‘radiate’ soon – Which I am sure will result in head meeting brick wall many times over.

Here is the official definition for meuble de tourisme just looked it up. Don't know if it helps Geoff.

Cochon volant :-)

The four year was a temp exoneration whilst they debated on what to do. Old businesses got the 4 years and new ones are subject to the new rules.

We received them too, but they were zero as well.

I thought last year it was extended to a four year exoneration, but they were considering abolishing the exoneration in exchange for allowing deductible expenses? Or have I just seen a chochon volant ?

Sorry Geoff I used the wrong wording. That is typing too quickly. I should have said they are exempt if part of your personal residence, which ours is, unless voted otherwise by your commune. See paragraph 3 of section 2. As regards the status meuble de tourisme, this title was given to us on registration of our business. So can't help you with the wording on that one or interpretation. Not sure if B&b Is included though????

that is interesting Claire. I have looked at the link you kindly supplied but cannot see anything pertaining to communes opting out. Can you help me here ?

We run a small b&b plus gite - and you say that you are a meuble de tourisme. what is the difference - or indeed is there one,

Best regards


My wife and I received our demands for CFE payments last week. My charge is 150 Euros but my wife's (who earned more than me) demand was 0 Euros. Both businesses are 2nd year of operation. I can cope with 150 Euros :-)

Rgds, Mike L

The law changed this year and the decision was made in October about who & when you should pay. The exemption is for the first year only and may be reduced for the second year. You may also be permanently exempt depending on you profession. See here:

We are a meuble de tourisme and we do not get charged CFE and have been running since 2009 and we are part of a commune where they voted in to exempt these types of businesses. See here

Yes, that is to put you in the system for when you do have to pay. Just fill it in and send it in.