Covid finally got me :(



To be fair it’s been a question of when, not if the last few days as my wife tested positive on Sunday (and has been feeling sh*te since).

Thus far my symptoms are as for a heavy cold.

I’m doing my best to keep clear but I think it’s more likely to be when, not if , I know more people that have got it this time :unamused:

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Hope you both feel better soon.


Sorry to hear that @billybutcher Hope you both get well soon.

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We’ve had loads of people off work.

The insane thing is that - with current UK rules, I don’t even have to self isolate, and I can see why people with mild symptoms and an employer who does not top up statutory sick pay would do that.

My employer is a little saner and I’m off for a minimum of five days - but the expectation is that I’ll be working from home if well enough.

Get well soon.


Oops,:sneezing_face::sneezing_face:. Hope you both have a swift recovery


@billybutcher oh no get well soon to you both :crossed_fingers:bon courage.


Our neighbour who is an orthopeadic surgeon has got it for the second time.
We all assumed that it must have been from the hospital, but no, he went to a wedding the weekend before!

Hope your symptoms remain mild and you and your partner both recover quickly with no long lasting side effects.


Sorry to hear you have caught it. As with others, I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

Would you exoect the UK to have isolation rules for someone who gets flu? Or a bad cold? Isn’t that the point about Covid now, the symptoms are much like cold or flu so we don’t need rules?

No they are not.

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I do not agree.

Although so far I thankfully have mild symptoms it is a complete mistake to think that Covid is like a cold or the 'flu

Neither produce long term post viral fatigue - up to 10% of Covid patients have “Long Covid” (and it does not depend all that much on the severity of the initial illness).

We currently have ~5% prevalence for something which is notionally a “winter respiratory virus” and it’s the middle of summer FFS

We don’t need massive vaccination programmes to protect us from colds.

We probably should have done better with 'flu vaccinations, that much I think has come out of this pandemic but Covid makes 'flu look completely amateurish in how rapidly it mutates, how commonly it causes severe disease and how easily it is transmitted.

There is really no comparison.


I’ve a pal, in his 50’s… caught covid thingie earlier this year (despite being vaxed). Very poorly but not in hospital. Gets better, tests negative, goes back to work for a couple of weeks, then has a relapse. This has been going on, time after time… the change in him is ghastly… what one might truly call “a shadow of his previous self”.

this is NOT the flu…


wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

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Yes, its not the flu. It clearly not the flu. However, about 300 people die on average each week because of Influenza and Pnuemonia ( See here for the evidence for 2018, 2019 nd 2020 )

Covid accounts for much the same number of deaths at present. Totally agree that it was different in the past.

There are those who catch flu and go on to have more serious illness. Exactly same with Covid.

And for the vast majority the symptoms are not like flu either. [quote=“billybutcher, post:2, topic:40167”]
Thus far my symptoms are as for a heavy cold.

Yes I have had Covid this year also. In our running group I know of five who are currently positive. They definitely fell unwell with loss of energy and cannot run.

My point is that we do not isolate for flu though it is as dangerous as Covid. So I don’t get the logic for isolation (edit) rules.

And if isolation was a requirement if anyone was Covid positive, because so many people can be aysmptomatic then compulsory testing must be mandatory for all.

You still seem to be missing the point that Covid has the potential to have significantly more long term morbidity than 'flu

Agree on that one.

France is doing an ongoing tally of deaths due to covid… it is way, way more than deaths from Flu…

We seem to be on a different line of thinking… and I think I’ll call a halt… too hot now.

You actually don’t know what you are talking about

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