Covid winter 2022 + new vaccine - France update

Just a gentle reminder to be aware…


Could this be caused by the rentrée after the summer holidays? The new Health Minister has be distinctly silent on the issue which is a shame as we thought she might announce some new measures to combat the virus. Even though we are both fully vaccinated and have suffered from Covid we were hoping for the Autumn rollout to be announce for us ‘Oldies’ sooner than later as we don’ relish the idea of catching it again.

Yes probably, already had cases in my lycée !

The rise in cases was expected… and this gives a different way of viewing the figures.

My 2 year old grandson was tested positive yesterday after two days of dhiarrhea and sick ness. Now we have all got the gastro which is rampant but negative for Covid. The doctor reckoned it was yet another version doing the rounds and the problem is that at the crêche, parents put their jobs over isolating any kids with any sort of health problems and keeping them at home.

Sadly, it is so often because kids and adults do not get isolated (for whatever reason) that these things spread.
Gastro runs riot at our local school once a year… every year…despite all the precautions taken…

there are some new strains of covid on the way… I’ll keep an eye open for latest info and post it here. Anyone who finds info… please don’t keep it to yourself… :wink:

As expected… immunity is wearing thin… (I’m waiting for info about autumn Jabs…)

Getting my booster today! I’m in the UK.
Izzy x


After avoiding it until now I’m positive!!!

Fingers crossed it will only be mild… you’re fully-vaxed ???.. and it’ll be over and done with in a few days.
We’ve had a couple of incidents here recently … very short term… nothing bad (that I’m aware of)

good luck
EDIT: just seen you’re not alone… best wishes to all concerned.

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My grandson was still feverish yesterday, quite high so DIL rang village medical centre where they are registered. Doctor refused to see little one unless he wore a mask but as DIL explained, a 2year old with an adult face mask is scared to death and he would just pull it off. The doctor therefore said all he could do was advise to take Doliprane and Advil. Anyway DIL rang the SAMU or SOS Doctor (can’t remember which) and they were shocked at the advil advice as its an antiinflamatory and certainly not for toddlers. Needless to say, doliprane only and they have decided never to use that doctor ever again. He is a lot better today apparently but still positive.

Hopefully, in a couple of days… he’ll be negative… but what an awful experience for DiLaw. Glad she stood her ground and sought advice elsewhere.

Not the first time they have had horrible treatment by this doctor and many patients have left the practice over their treatment. People moan about the UK but its no difference here if you scratch the surface a bit harder. My son’s friend is the daughter of a doctor in a neighbouring village and because he is the only doctor he is on call 24/7 and cannot take a holiday. He is also 66 and want to retire but has been threatened with legal action if he does not continue. I dread to think where its all going to be honest.

For the first time… our Doctor went on holiday without being able to arrange a locum. Thus anyone who phoned for appt was talked-through a series of options (recorded message) , which included contacting the Emergency Doctor, SAMU etc etc.
No-one missed out on being treated, but those who could wait… did wait until he came back, very much refreshed and ready to dive back into the fray (poor chap)

Your Doctor should be able to do this… it might save his sanity and his health.

Yes, we had similar experiences with our doctor here. We were lucky enough to be able to find another surgery, on the recommendation of a neighbour. He is absolutely brilliant, which is important for my OH, who has some complicated medical needs.

After getting back yesterday I have had a sore throat all day today.:roll_eyes: Hopefully that’s all it is.

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Our UK Doc reckoned gargling with salt water would cure a sore throat…

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I prefer whisky. :wink:


Ah well… hot water, whisky, lemon, ginger, honey… more whisky… hic


Best sore throat cure I ever found was 1 part honey, 1 part lemon juice and 2 parts Stroh 80 rum. Need to go to bed within 20min after drinking for a good nights sleep. :wink:

Stroh '80' Austrian Rum : The Whisky Exchange?