Covid winter 2022 + new vaccine - France update

I suspect that this winter will have more folk resorting to warming/comforting drinks…
sore throat or no sore throat

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As do I!
Any type of childhood malady, Mother, would mix Beechams powder with whisky and send me off to bed.

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infections are rising!!!
folk are being urged to get their jabs up to date…
seems far too many have not had the 2nd booster (often called the 4th jab)…

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There are new bivalent vaccines for Covid-19 that offer much better protection against the BA4 and BA5 variants. Good idea to check with what before you get boosted.

Explained rather well here:

Shortly to appear in EU


Its the use of “protection against” that is the misnomer. For some a reduction in symptoms but not really any protection against. My BIL, 4th jab, caught BA5 after 3 weeks and been quite poorly with a lung problem for another 3 weeks, just tested negative.

Oh, I’m so sorry you have been unwell. Hopefully, this will give you a bit more immunity for at least a while until the scientists provide us with better protection.

Not me Brother inlaw 73yrs,
I am so horrible that even covid avoids me hahaha.


every cloud… :wink: :rofl: :rofl:

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Because of the route of transmission it is unlikely that there will ever be a vaccine that will prevent infection, and mild symptoms plus relatively quick clearance is probably the best we can hope for.

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Has anyone seen Dr John Campbell’s saying-not saying YouTube video about the ‘excess death’ statistics?

whose statistics are you referring to ??

Internationally and in all sge grouips excess deaths are higher thsn previously and that’s been noticed

Statistics can be misleading, although dead is a very frightening end.

I fully intend to have a third booster this autumn when it is offered.

What does everyone think about taking vitamin D? Perhaps it doesn’t hurt and could help.

I suspect that if you think it will do you good then you will probably feel better for taking it.

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Known to be beneficial for the immune system. Whereas reliance on factor 50 will block the natural absorbtion so shortening lives some more.

I like to get some gentle sun, every day if I can… no need for sunscreen when it’s gentle…

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