Covid winter 2022 + new vaccine - France update

You all have good points. Having lived in Asia for decades I use SPF50 daily in all seasons, so no vitamin conversion on my face but not so much wrinkles either :smile:.

Thank you @Ancient_Mariner , @Corona and @Stella , I shall take the vitamin D and add some of those lovely cold recipes suggested earlier as ‘medicinal’ proactive.

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Maybe worth going to your doctor. Mine has me on a prescription, very high potency Vit D through winter.

Good advice. Thank you @SuePJ . Will do.

We kept the same MT when we moved a year ago and it is a beautiful hour drive through Mt Ventoux but I am so grateful to have a doctor I trust that I do not want a change.


latest info on the new autumn/winter jab… with a newly adapted vaccine

I had vaccination number 4 in the middle of June, so presumably, on the previous showing, I’ll be eligible mid December, unless they are changing the interval…

I’ve just taken a peek… 16th May we had our 4th… so I’ll check with our pharmacy how soon we can get this 5th whammy… 5 or 6 months??? … as it’s an adapted vaccine the timing might be different… so, even sooner ???

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being gently mooted: best to wear masks on transport and in closed environments…

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There’s another virus going around, I have it, my children got it on a train and passed it on, and my Dr (who saw me yesterday and put me on a week’s rest) has also just had it. Symptoms: horrible aches and pains, headache, bit of a temperature, slightly runny nose, feeling exhausted.

The aches and pains sound like flu. Hope you’re all feeling better soon.

Thank you!

I have been looking for a vaccine more closely adapted to recent variants. But given the guarantee given by governments in the heat of Covid against being sued for harm, to the manufacturers, can we trust any new version has been sufficiently tested?

Also wondering if anyone has any news on the volte-face of Dr.John Campbell, who I think worth trusting, and the still-high excess mortality figures around the world in all age groups.

I’ve been watching and reading for the last 3 years (covid) and am happy that what France makes available to us … will have been tested and approved for us…
these are not yet approved:

I’ve just been invited to go for a booster, an offer which I shall be accepting. Yes, I think any ‘new’ versions from the original developers will have been tested adequately.


tonight’s report

I hope you feel better soon xx. I wonder if I have had both as tested negative to covid with those symptoms then tested positive 4 days later! Still tired a week after testing negative! Haven’t even gone to tennis tonight which I was so looking forward to!!

Eek must be bad in some areas, we are pale orange and loads of teachers and students have it in both my lycée and R’s primary school!

Ugh I hope you feel better soon!

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hmm… just had a very interesting chat with my pharmacy…

I rang to ask how one got on the list for this winter’s anti-Covid jab… and properly flummoxed the young lady who answered.
rough translation:
she: how many jabs already done?
me: 4
she: then you’ve no need !
me: oh yes I have !
she: Oh no you haven’t!!
me: Oh Yes, please

Poor thing went and got the Lady in charge (who knows me well)

She explained the situation…
Seems there are only so-many doses available at the moment and priority is being given to those who are really behind with their jabs… and most at risk…!!

Too many have only had 2 jabs… she explains… aaargh.

Hmm… ok… deep breath… and we both chat calmly…
Come and get the flu jab in your “good arm” around 18/10… she tells me…
and when Covid/Omicron variant stuff is more readily available towards the end November early December … you’ll be fine to have that one too.
Ideal, as our 6-month gap expires 16/11.

Although by then, I’m hoping I’ll have the other arm ready to be jabbed (ouch, just the thought makes me cringe at the moment)

Anyway… if you’ve not yet had your 2nd/3rd jab please get sorted asap…
we don’t want a bad winter, do we…