Crit Air zones & Scams

Using google maps to look at the forthcoming travel and plotting potential EV routes, google flagged Rouen as a low emission zone Crit Air sticker. What vehicles are and are not allowed and would that apply to a tourist just travellong through? has some info. I travelled through Rouen in March with no problem (other than getting hopelessly lost). I was driving a diesel berlingo van.

Crit Air regs apply to everyone, but you can very quickly get a windscreen sticker for a foreign vehicle by post for a couple of € from this site (it has an English language option)

[Le site officiel de la vignette Crit’Air (certificat qualité de l’air) - Ministère de la Transition écologique (](https://)

The windscreen sticker only needs renewing if you change your vehicle.

Very helpful thank you.

And, AFAIU, you must have the sticker to enter the CritAir zone, even if you’re car is of the right class. No sticker equals a fine regardless. If it’s a foreign car though, they probably won’t be able to track you down, although an on the spot fine would be unavoidable. Although I’ve yet to enter a CritAir zone, I have a sticker just in case.

Rouen seems to be restricting professional vehicles in categories 4 and 5 - i think my van is category 3 - will i still need a vignette from 1 July? I will be going to Rouen on 2 July. Thanks for your help.

My understanding is that you will need one to enter a CritAir zone, regardless of whether your car is in an allowable category. I think the zones are controlled by cameras that will scan your windshield for the sticker and take a copy of your reg. No sticker equals fine.
Edit: Don’t think the whole City will be in the zone. You can check online exactly where the zone boundaries are, and all entrances and exits should be clearly marked by road signs. Also, some zones only operate if pollution levels go above a certain level.

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Travelling through on the motorway or heading into the centre? The motorways on through Rouen will not be part of the Critair zone.

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Unfortunately I am booked into a hotel in St Etienne du Rouvray. Will order sticker today but may have to change plans.

I remember when that bridge was out there is a motoway route north of Rouen that linked with the A13. And then to the A28 cutting Rouen out completely, maybe I will take that.

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Should be able to get the information just from your reg, like the London ULEZ, we dont have any stickers. With windscreen reflections and varing light level I doubt that would be accurate enough, more for a compliance issue when parked in a city on days when not allowed.

We have stayed in that area many times - I very much doubt it will be in the zone as it is a link road between the motorways - but better safe that sorry

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There’s a list of 15 areas in Rouen and St Etienne and surrounding areas are on it. Three dates are mentioned 1 Jan 22, 1 Jul 22 and 1 Jan 23, so don’t know when the different areas will be affected. Will phone the hotel to check.

Yes, correct. At least for French cars. When I ordered my CritAir sticker online, it asked me for my reg and then told me my car was Class 2. I didn’t need to enter any more info.

Rouen LEZ kicks in 1 Septembre for cars @CritAir 3, currently it’s commercial vehicles only.
At the beginning of next year, it becomes a CritAir2 only zone.

Unlike travelling around the west of Paris, the Google route through Rouen takes you well off motorways so it becomes a no-go for vehicles not meeting the above.

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That confirms the google information I read.

Having looked at the website the Hotel BB that we normally stay at nr Bufallo Grill is outside the zone but is in this area of Rouen. (both high end Hotel & Resto !)

That appears to be true but petrol cars manufactured after 2006 will comply, as will diesels manufactured after 2011.

Neither of which help moi, same with ULEZ going out to pretty much the M25.

Yeah, if I had to travel into London much the EV vs ICE equation might well have gone the other way.

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